Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's 2 PM and...

I'm still in my comfortable jammies!

Happy Mother's Day!

We should have gone to church this morning, but we all were just plain beat. This past week the girls and I had dress rehearsals for two dance recitals that had us out until 9PM on Tuesday, Wednesday and until 9:45 on Thursday. Yesterday was the "big day" with two Gala shows. We were at the first show from 10:30-3, had a pizza delivered to the house for a lunch/dinner meal (isn't that called supper?) and were out the door at 5 to go to the second Gala show. It wrapped up a little after 9. We stopped at Sweet Frog to celebrate with some frozen yogurt on the way home and pulled in, exhausted right after 10. It took a full hour to take out the spiral curl wigs from Irish and the heavily sprayed and pinned buns underneath and completely wash out two little heads full of spray and gel. The girls only had three dances this year, but that entailed a total of just about six hours sitting in theaters viewing dance. Paul was a good sport!

Our first Gala was for our new ballet/lyrical studio. It is it's second year in operation, but WOW!! The elite dancers (middle and high school kids) were the very best I have ever seen, and I've been to a whole lot of dancin'. Many of the HS girls go to the performing arts magnet school and desire to go to college for dance. Their training is evident and it was amazing to watch them. I know my girlies will be viewing the DVD we ordered of the show many times over.

We had a few issues with our class there this year. The class was too big, and there were several problem students that caused a lot of disruption and wasted instruction time. I'm not usually one to complain, but I did. The artistic director and the business director were wonderful to talk to. They agreed that my girls should have gotten moved to a class with serious, not recreational "my mom is just making me and I don't care" students. To make up for lost instruction, the artistic director will be giving them a private lesson in a few weeks to assess exactly where they are and what they know and then we have been offered free summer session ballet to catch up their foundational skills. I'm so glad I said something!

Our second Gala in the evening was for their Irish dance. It too is a new studio for us. We had outgrown what was available at our last studio (where we had been for 4 years) and the quality of the Irish they had taken there was ridiculous compared to the level with Miss Amy. I toured several programs before making my decision and I have been so pleased. Amy is incredible in her knowledge and her methodology of instruction. The girls learned a soft shoe and a hard shoe piece this year, both with very complex choreography. Neither girlie was keen on the hard shoe- it was just well...hard! They loved the soft shoe piece. We will be taking Amy's intensive class over the summer and then they both plan on auditioning for the new mini troupe. Currently Amy had a junior and senior group that does community service and performs in demonstrations, parades, senior citizen homes, schools and festivals. She has decided to add an age 8-12 group beginning in the fall and suggested the girlies use the summer class to sharpen their knowledge and skills and audition. Teagan is very interested. Piper goes back and forth. We'll see.

So it's been a lazy Mother's Day, since I'm wiped out!

Breakfast in bed (coffee and a banana- followed shortly by waffles and bacon and fresh pineapple) and a bag of goodies from Trader Joes.

When Paul asked what I wanted, I said that I'd like for him and the girls to get some flowers and plant them in the planters out back I can see from the kitchen. We had two wood mangers from past Christmas manger building events at Church that were rotting and I spray painted them red and we filled them with potting soil. They just need flowers! So now I have a bit of peace and quiet (there has been a lot of bickering today I know the girlies are running on empty still) while they are out picking out flowers. I need to pick a restaurant for dinner. There isn't a lot we all agree on food wise and I'm trying to think cheap and not crazy crowded. Hmmm?

So I'll just keep snuggling up with my two kitty boys in bed, browse around on line and ponder dinner- while the house is silent for maybe another hour.

Happy Mother's Day!!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Brings back memories

I signed on to do another consignment sale. I did pretty well at the spring sale- my take was just over $350. Some of it was recent outgrown items, more of it was smaller sizes I've been storing for the daughter I dream of bringing home. But there is just so much. I had really well dressed girlies! I am whittling down the "save" bins to just my absolute favorites and slowly selling off the rest.

 The sale I have the most success at just added a summer sale. So decided to try to sell what didn't go at the spring sale and I had a lot more after the girls did the closet change over and added a lot to the "it still fits by my tastes have changed since last year" pile. I also found a bin in the garage of what didn't sell at last year's sale. I have to have all the items entered into the computer by tomorrow night. Nothing like the last minute.

Going through the clothes is bringing up a lot of memories. What is bittersweet about this process is that beside my sale bin are two large bags that will go into school with me. I have been outfitting a little girl in my class this year. At least 75% of her wardrobe are items I have given her, usually a few outfits at a time. The rest of her clothes are old, stained 2T dresses she wears as tops, or other ill fitting garments. She and her family are refugees from Africa- and she has become my little buddy this year. Oh how I'll miss her next year when she goes off to kindergarten! And I worry about what she'll wear, and what elementary kids who are not as innocent will say to her. So I have a few big bags of clothes that are too big now, but should be fine by the fall/winter. I have Piper's old winter coat for her for the winter (she wore Teagan's old coat this year). I hope I can take a piece of the burden of buying clothes off her family. She is one of five kids.

As I dig through the summer stuff to sell, I look at items through a different lens- is it worth the $2 profit I'll make if it sells, or would Nelia like it? I find the pink top and leggings Piper wore on the first day of preschool when she was 3 1/2. Nelia looks beautiful in pink and she's tiny so it should fit. Into her bag it goes. I secretly hope she wears it soon. I get such pleasure of seeing her wearing my girlies old favorites. I put in a pair of pajamas, but then think better and take it out. Her mom has not understood pajamas in the past and sent her to school in nightgowns as dresses. She pulled it off OK, but the fitted style of a pj top and shorts would not be good at school. Better be safe and not include it.

Oh the ice cream set! I loved Teagan in this. I imagine Nelia pretending to eat the ice cream cones off the shirt just like Teaggie did. Into the bag. Smile.
Hard to believe how big the girls have gotten. I'm glad that another sweet girlie will make memories in some well loved clothes.