Thursday, September 30, 2010

A blessing

My heart needed to be reminded that no matter how s l o w l y we are having to take the paper chase, it will all happen in His perfect timing. I received a blessing today, and it spoke to my heart.

I have ordered my key fob supplies for a few years from a company I first found on etsy. I've tried several suppliers, but this one has good prices, some special colors I really like using and can't get anywhere else, and always has fast shipping. After I ordered on Monday I received a reply that it was processing. I noticed that it was from a personal email address and not the generic company address. I wrote a quick note saying that I had been a customer for a while and wanted to let her know that I appreciated her customer service and great products. I also wrote that I thought she might be interested in what I was creating with her materials and shared my fundraising blog link.

Today I received a box. My actual order is still on it's way. This box contained 30 yards of webbing (that will make 90 fobs!)and 50 hardware sets and a $10 gift voucher to use towards my next purchase. Wow! There was a sweet note thanking me for sharing my blog and it continued to say that they supported worthy causes and wanted to support our adoption fundraising efforts with a donation of some raw materials. She also offered to post a link to the blog on their site when it is revamped next month.

Thank you Susan and All Island Webbing! What a blessing!


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yesterday my baby turned six. SO hard to believe!

Teagan is an absolute sweetheart. She has such a tender heart and genuinely cares about the feelings and well being of her family, friends, and strangers. I just love my girlie's heart!

Teaggie had a wonderful day. She was bouncing off the walls and jumping on the bed the moment she woke up. We gave her a holographic birthday card with a dancing hamster that plays "Hamster Dance" and she went wild! At school, her entire 1st grade class made her cards, her name was called on the announcements, she got to visit the treasure box in her class and meet the principal for a ribbon. The bus driver had all the kids sing to her on the way home (helps that she wore a "Birthday Girl" shirt!), we took lollipops to dance and asked the teacher if she could pass them out at the end and the teacher made a big to do and had the class all sing for her too. We went to her favorite restaurant for dinner so she could get her favorite meal of steak and Cheetos and ran into the girlies' former kindergarten teacher (LOVE her!!) in the parking lot with her just as fab hubby. That was a big highlight of the evening. On the way home, just as we pulled in our street what should come on the radio... Hamster Dance! We turned it up and all danced in the car and driveway. So silly, but hopefully a great memory. Yummy cake rounded out the day.

New baby Teagan

first birthday






Happy Birthday!!


Monday, September 20, 2010


Just keeping it real.

I know. Not the best post after I have neglected posting in quite some time.

The girlies have gone back to school and are doing GREAT!

I have gone back to school (teaching) and have a wonderful class of 16 this year and dear colleagues I love working with everyday.

I've been blessed with many bow orders. Small orders that keep me very busy. But small orders add up and cover a few bills and groceries. I've booked 6 craft shows. I think I have 2 a month for Oct/Nov/Dec. I hope to fit in a few more. But that means that I need to be working on inventory and I'm not sure when I'll fit that in since I'm already making the most of the 17 hours a day I'm awake. Good thing I still have lots left from last fall.

I'm up early to get the girls off to school, I head off to teach, run home and get them off the bus and then head to dance 3 days a week and stay up until midnight each night working on bows. Much of the same on the weekends.

I have much I could blog about. But I don't seem to be able to carve out any time. Like I titled this post... I'm exhausted. My brother upgraded his laptop and I asked what was to become of the old model. He offered it to me. I'm thrilled since I have never had one and I have to come upstairs to the desktop to get online. He moved to London for 2 years a few weeks ago and the computer is at my parent's house. I look forward to being able to go pick it up. It will help me out on many levels.

I have hundreds of pictures to dump off my cameras and happy pictures to share. Soon, I hope.

Off to get some girlies in bed and I have at least 2 hours of bow work to complete tonight to get in the mail tomorrow. There are birthday's in our house the next two days and I need to be as freed up as possible!