Monday, September 20, 2010


Just keeping it real.

I know. Not the best post after I have neglected posting in quite some time.

The girlies have gone back to school and are doing GREAT!

I have gone back to school (teaching) and have a wonderful class of 16 this year and dear colleagues I love working with everyday.

I've been blessed with many bow orders. Small orders that keep me very busy. But small orders add up and cover a few bills and groceries. I've booked 6 craft shows. I think I have 2 a month for Oct/Nov/Dec. I hope to fit in a few more. But that means that I need to be working on inventory and I'm not sure when I'll fit that in since I'm already making the most of the 17 hours a day I'm awake. Good thing I still have lots left from last fall.

I'm up early to get the girls off to school, I head off to teach, run home and get them off the bus and then head to dance 3 days a week and stay up until midnight each night working on bows. Much of the same on the weekends.

I have much I could blog about. But I don't seem to be able to carve out any time. Like I titled this post... I'm exhausted. My brother upgraded his laptop and I asked what was to become of the old model. He offered it to me. I'm thrilled since I have never had one and I have to come upstairs to the desktop to get online. He moved to London for 2 years a few weeks ago and the computer is at my parent's house. I look forward to being able to go pick it up. It will help me out on many levels.

I have hundreds of pictures to dump off my cameras and happy pictures to share. Soon, I hope.

Off to get some girlies in bed and I have at least 2 hours of bow work to complete tonight to get in the mail tomorrow. There are birthday's in our house the next two days and I need to be as freed up as possible!


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  1. Hi Kelly!

    I just realized you have a new blog address! I can totally relate to your summer business...I have so many pics to post...don;t know if I'll ever catch up. Sophie seems to get most of the blog attention, so I have to figure out how to group the boys and give them some face time:-)!

    Hope the adoption process is going smoothly for you all. So so exciting!

    Sending hugs!