Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hair cut day!

When you are a gilry girl with long flowing hair, haircuts are not a necessity. With so many clips, and bows and flowers and headbands at your disposal, every hair-do Mommy comes up with is a winner.

Even if your hair hasn't been cut in, well, 12 months < yikes! >

Has it really been a full year since I took the girlies for haircuts? Yep.

So with school just a few short weeks away I figured it was time for some shaping up and styling and I made an appointment with my stylist, whom I see every 6 months. We're low maintainance here.

We go in in an hour and I'll be back with pictures. I'm thinking a few inches need to be trimmed, maybe a bit of layering. We'll see!!



  1. You're so cute!...can't wait to see the pics of all you girlies!!! :) What a dream to have so many cute accessories at their fingertips... I'm a BIG fan, as you know. As soon as I can afford it, there will be another order in the works... I need some fall colors for Khloe! ;)


  2. Where are the pictures, Mama Bear?? I can't wait to see the girls! I am guilty of going way too long between hair cutes & then wondering why I looked so shaggy & yucky :)

  3. Maybe I forget to get my hair cut because no one else in the house goes "out" to get their hair cut?? My husband must cut the boys' hair every other week ;)