Monday, February 28, 2011

Out on the ice

I had an opportunity to dig my ice skates out of the garage Sunday for the first time since 1999. I own a pair only because I worked at a small outdoor rink in a trendy shopping area during my winter breaks in college and on the rare occasions they needed me to act like I knew what I was doing and be a skate guard I felt really silly wearing the bright blue rental skates. But truth is I had no idea what I am doing and even less now.

Piper was invited to an ice skating birthday party. It's really not something folks do here in Virginia. She was so excited. I was too, albeit a bit nervous.

Piper did one lap holding onto the buckets. I paused at the side to dig out my camera, lost my footing and with camera in hand fell flat on my backside. Ouch! I'm still feelin' it today. I promptly made it to the hockey box area and camped out. Piper and her dare devil friends ditched the buckets and took off. She was a bit cautious, but did amazingly well. Some of the other girls- good golly! They were flying and falling all over the place. No fear.

Piper can't wait to go back. Me, not so much.


Friday, February 25, 2011

There's no blue bead


Teagan got off the bus and crawled into the front seat of the car and proceeded to burst into tears. She said it felt like she had an ear infection and her right ear was really hurting her.

As soon as we drove home (bus stop is about 1/3 mile away) I took her temp. I had felt her head in the cars and she was not warm. No fever. Hmmm?

Me: "Teagan, is there any reason your ear might be hurting."

T: "There may be something in it."

Me: "Oh really. Like what."

T: "Maybe a blue bead."

Me: How would a blue bead get in your ear?"

T: "A boy threw a bead at me today and then we couldn't find it. Maybe it's in my ear."

Me: "Is that what happened?"

T: "I don't know."

So with that info, we set off for the new after hours urgent care kid doctor that just opened up the street, much closer than our pediatrician, who was closing in 30 minutes and was a good 30 minute drive.

The facility is beautiful. It looks very much like a kid sized ER. They can handle anything. That's good to know. If we have a need for after hour care or a real emergency in the future. For now they promptly told us that there was no blue bead, but a raging ear infection. We just picked up the prescription and Teagan is resting, not so comfortably, on the couch.

Happy Friday :)


Monday, February 21, 2011


For as long as I have had an online "presence" running a web based business (almost 6 years), one would think that I would understand far more and have long ago jumped all over the social media opportunities. Well, it's intimidated me! I have been my own little island running my bow business to those who happened to find me. I've been happy that way. But things are slow and I could really use an increase in business. I have adoption fees to raise!!

I had a reunion this weekend with five of my college sorority sisters and they encouraged me to start a Facebook fan page. My dear girlfriends who work day in and day out in corporate jobs in business, law and marketing are not only my cheerleaders, but a built in resource of knowledge I need to tap into! I dipped my toe into the water tonight and created a page. I had to have 25 fans to even register a url. I was giggling as I watched the ticker go up. I had it in about 25 minutes! My website url was taken, and so were the next five names I tried. I ended up with

Now I need to figure the marketing aspect out and add pictures and get some conversation going. Care to join me?


Thursday, February 17, 2011

My little Betsy

Piper did an amazing job researching, writing about, and portraying Betsy Ross for her 2nd grade Wax Museum.

The making of the costume was much more involved than I had thought it would be. Turns out that my girlie is a combination of sizes and the dress pattern required a bit of modification to properly fit her. It was a bit beyond my previous sewing experiences, but I think I did a pretty good job. I had to alter the top and add in a piece, the style was cut way too low for her.

The other costumes were awesome. I thought I, perhaps, was going overboard to sew a dress, but no! Some of the costumes were amazing! I'm so glad that my girlie had something she felt so beautiful and confident in to wear. Hundreds of parents and most of the kids in the school toured the museum and pushed her "button" to hear her speech read. So proud of all her hard work!


Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm here

SO far behind posting! Only one thing to do... jump back in.

We have been, well, just busy.

Pictures of the girlies from this morning.

And a hint at what will be keeping me busy this weekend.

One 2nd grade girlie needing to dress up as Betsy Ross and deliver a speech about "her" life to the school as parents and kids make their way through the 2nd grade History Wax Museum on Tuesday equals one really nice mommy attempting to sew a period dress!