Friday, February 25, 2011

There's no blue bead


Teagan got off the bus and crawled into the front seat of the car and proceeded to burst into tears. She said it felt like she had an ear infection and her right ear was really hurting her.

As soon as we drove home (bus stop is about 1/3 mile away) I took her temp. I had felt her head in the cars and she was not warm. No fever. Hmmm?

Me: "Teagan, is there any reason your ear might be hurting."

T: "There may be something in it."

Me: "Oh really. Like what."

T: "Maybe a blue bead."

Me: How would a blue bead get in your ear?"

T: "A boy threw a bead at me today and then we couldn't find it. Maybe it's in my ear."

Me: "Is that what happened?"

T: "I don't know."

So with that info, we set off for the new after hours urgent care kid doctor that just opened up the street, much closer than our pediatrician, who was closing in 30 minutes and was a good 30 minute drive.

The facility is beautiful. It looks very much like a kid sized ER. They can handle anything. That's good to know. If we have a need for after hour care or a real emergency in the future. For now they promptly told us that there was no blue bead, but a raging ear infection. We just picked up the prescription and Teagan is resting, not so comfortably, on the couch.

Happy Friday :)



  1. I love that she said that a boy threw a blue bead and it MIGHT have gone in her ear ... that would have totally been Brayden. And the way you handled it with the, "is that REALLY what happened?" Oh my! So sorry she has a raging ear infection but SO glad she's had it looked at so it can get on the mend!

  2. Well, I guess I'd rather have an ear infection than a blue bead extraction ;)

    Hope Teagan is already feeling better!