Monday, July 26, 2010

One in a million (or maybe make that seventeen)

I'm always inspired, motivated, challenged and a whole other host of stuff when I visit Linny's blog. After being away from any computer access for 8 days, I was catching up Saturday afternoon when I read her post that her blog was about to have it's 1,000,000 viewer. It was about 400 away when I visited. I went about my business and kept checking back in every 15 minutes or so. Around 2 PM EST it was really close and I decided I had a chance to be the millionth viewer. I got my camera ready, Linny requested a photograph and a screen shot. I also figured that there was no way I'd be it.

Guess what....

I was one of 17 folks who somehow saw 1,000,000 on the site meter!

I took a pic and a screen shot and sent them along with a requested pic of me to Linny.

He he he (that's me feeling giddy)



Saturday, July 24, 2010


Back from vacation. I'll have lots of pictures to post, but they are still on my camera.

My mom took the girlies and I on a "Girl's Getaway." We used a trade in from their time share. My dad put in for the trade only a few months ago, so there wasn't a lot to select from, especially since the big parameter was that it was in driving distance for me since I'd be the one to do all the driving.

So where did we go??

We went from VA, through West Va, Maryland and into Pennsylvania. Followed 81 North up and down some mountains and go off on 80 East into the Pocono Mountains to a little resort. It was OK. The time together was great. And so were the temperatures.

It was only in the 80's and most of the time there was a breeze. I also really liked that there were not mosquitos, as I get bit all the time at home. We took many day trips to girlie places like grocery stores and outlet malls and small unique ribbon stores and a quaint small town. We rode a 1920's train through a river valley, toured a turn of the century mansion, hiked (OK, so that's a bit of a stretch) in a State Park on a boulder field, swam in two lakes, went to the Crayola Factory (SO cool!!) and a bunch of other adventures.

It took 14 hours to get home to Nana's house Thursday, just before midnight. We made several brief shopping pit stops and two meals. It was an exhausting drive and it took me most of Friday to recover before I could make the final hour drive back from Nana's to our home.

Pics to follow!!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Play Ball!

The girlies have not ever played a team sport. Dance has been their only activity. So when we got the call that a friend was forming an all girls T-ball team and they were in need of players to make it a go, we signed the girlies up. It's a very realaxed summer league. No score is kept. Everybody bats every inning. The last batter clears the bases (home run!) so everybody will get a turn to bat last.

They have been having fun at the practices, especially since they end with Popsicles and a play date. Our first game Saturday morning was rained out and rescheduled for Sunday at 6:30. The lighting was beautiful and the evening comfortable.

I think they had a good time!!

We'll be gone (the girlies and I are taking a trip with my mom) and will be back next week.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Silly Band lesson

I really can't stand those silly band things. The girlies have been given a few here and there- birthday party favors, end of the school year party trinkets. They have about two dozen each and enjoy trading them with the neighborhood girlies.

A few nights ago we were headed up to get the girls ready for bed when Piper "freaked out" (her terminology). Her favorite tie dye band was not on her wrist. It was a bit looser than the others so she surmised that it must have fallen off.

She panicked.

And wailed.

And cried.

She had been all over playing in the past few hours. It was about 9pm and what little daylight that was left was quickly fading. I sent her outside to check the backyard while I looked over the sidewalk.

Admittedly, I was not so nice about it at first. She had already come close to losing it earlier that afternoon. She "accidentally" traded it at T-ball practice and the girl she traded it to then traded it on. She wanted to get it back. Thankfully the coach organized the complex trade back. I told her as we drove home, that if it was so special, she should put it in her room and keep it safe. She didn't agree.

So here she was completely hysterical and I was in a "told you so" mood. I was not doing well with all the screaming over a piece of rubber, but I helped her search the street and three neighbors lawns, all to no avail. We looked around the house and then got ready for bed. I hated seeing my girly so upset and hated the impatience I was feeling in myself.

As I tucked her in we prayed that God would help her to find her band in the morning. That He would make it obvious where it was. We talked about how God cares about even the little things, and that this was a little thing, but that it was meaningful to her and that made it meaningful to God.

I had completely forgotten about the darn thing as I stumbled downstairs for coffee in the morning. Piper hadn't asked about it yet. I paused at the bottom of the stairs in the family room and there in plain sight on the floor was, you guessed it- the tie dye band!

I yelled, "Piper look by the rocking horse!"

Her smile was ear to ear!

I can't imagine how we had missed that brightly colored thing right there on the floor. God had answered that specific prayer and made it obvious. How cool to be able to talk to my daughter about God hearing our prayers and answering them on a level she could completely understand and take to heart.

If I could, I'd place that band in my Memorial box (safely stored, not be be lost again) but I know that won't happen. Maybe a picture?


Saturday, July 10, 2010


Nice lazy day at home with the family.
Another year older...