Tuesday, May 26, 2009


What a past few days we have had!! I was hopeful that I could have posted already, but it was simply chaotic.

Our darling first Girly Girl celebrated her 6th birthday on May 21. It is so hard to believe that six years have passed. I was watching the finals of American Idol between Clay and Ruben when my water broke back in 2003. 26 hours later she was born via an emergency c-section. My pregnancy was high risk and I had five long months of bedrest to try to contain this child, and then when it was finally time, she wouldn't come out. She has been a strong child since the moment God first began knitting her together in my womb, and she continues to be so to this day. We had a wonderful, jam packed day that included me getting to volunteer in her class, deliver cupcakes to school,
head to the pottery painting studio (a favorite destination) immediately after getting off the bus,
a visit to the book store to pick out a few more chapter books for her library, her favorite pizza for dinner, a visit to the local ice cream parlor
and then cake at home.
Happy Birthday, Princess!!

The next day was just as eventful. Girly Girl two graduated from preschool. That too seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye. We were so blessed to have been able to attend a wonderful church based preschool.

making thank you cards for her teachers

Both Girly Girls had fabulous experiences with Godly teachers who taught them much and thuroughly prepared them for kindergarten. Girly Girl 2 has some wonderful memories and dear friends.

It was bittersweet driving up the carpool lane that last day. We were told about this school soon after we moved to the area and that it was difficult to get into. I got in line at 3am my first year to get a spot when registration opened at 7:30 am. It just got crazier every year. To get GG2 into the 4 day class I wanted her to be a part of I knew I needed to be their early since space was severely limited. I was planning on midnight, but when my friend drove by at 9 and said somebody was already in line I grabbed my supplies (chair, sleeping bag, book, boots- yes it was January and about 20 degrees) and headed over to camp out in line. I got there at 9:30 pm and was number 4 in line. I have never camped out for concert tickets, but I was one of at least 20+ crazy parents that cold night in line for a preschool spot. And let me tell you, it was well worth it! Both girls blossomed and grew there. I'm a bit sad to see that phase end, but was quite happy this past January to NOT have been in line to register!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm getting a makeover!

A while back I won a blog makeover. Actually I was the runner-up. The original winner was not able to claim the prize so it went to ultra lucky me!!! I began this blog with the start up template, made a post and then never came back for a year. Now that I am regularly following some bloggy friends and their adoption jorneys and supporting adoption and orphan aid causes I became inspired to attempt to blog more myself. But I had no time to figure out how to spiffy it up. I did all the html coding for my bowtique website, but that took about 9 months of taking online tutorials and a lot of trial and error. Now I get to leave it to a trusted professional...
April of April Showers Blog Design. She donated a re-do to a Mifan Mommy. That's where we 'met'. We both are Mifan Mommies- we donate $9 monthly to supply rice to feed orphans in Anhui. It was started by Kay Bratt. Please go Here and read all about the Mommies and consider joining. And be on the lookout for my new design. I'll be incorporating more of my bowtique and having some bow giveaways. April said it will be ready to go soon!!!


Friday, May 8, 2009

It's recital time!!

We have had a busy week of dress rehearsals and the real deal begins tonight.
I'm in the 6pm show tonight and the 2pm Saturday show. Then we all head back out as all of us are in the Saturday 6pm show (Girly Girl #1 is psyched that her kindergarten teacher will be in the audience!!) and then we are back Sunday at 2 for our final performances that Nana and Grandpa will get to attend. Whew!!!

You won't catch any pictures of me in my costumes here, but I'll share my cute girlies and the new haircut worked out really cute.


Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, in the end all is well. She loves her new 'do. That's what matters. It will take me some time, I'm sure, to get use to it. I can't even do a ponytail anymore. But she likes it. Could have been worse.

The cut from the back- it was as long as the edge of the picture

Holding some of the hair

At the salon, waiting her turn.

Damage done

Correction in progress

The new 'do!

At home, with a bow


Could you hear me scream?

Yep, that loud wail at roughly 5 PM EST was me shrieking from the fact that the elder Girly Girl just cut (and not all that well) 11 ( E L E V E N ) inches of hair off the younger Girly Girl. The Girly Girl of long flowing, had real pigtais at 4months of age, has always had long- amazingly long for her age, she was know for her hair kind of hair.

I called my dear friend to help calm me down...11 inches!! Then I called several local salons to try to get an appointment for tonight. I have one for a salon that's supposed to be good and with a senior stylist at 6:45. It's at least 30 minutes away, so we better get going. My blood pressure is returning back to normal. I think I can drive. I did say 11 inches, didn't I???

Update with pictures will follow. I took a bunch already. Not sure she get's that this is for real and it won't be that long again until she's, like, 10!


Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Carnival

We had beautiful weather last weekend. It was perfect, although a bit hot, for our annual neighborhood Spring Carnival.

The girls got to play some carnival style games and win assorted doo-dads as prizes.

We got cotton candy. I think it is their all time favorite treat!!

We took a walk through the park and stopped at the playground bubble station. There was face painting too, but the Girly Girls have never been into that. We ventured a bit farther to the inflatable obstacle course and jumped around for a bit. Had a photo op by the gazebo with daddy. Then it was time for a few trips on the train that made a small loop around a neighborhood street.

Daddy talked to the train operator for a bit, so I took the girls down the hill and they dead headed the flower garden around the flag pole and I got another photo opportunity.

We ended the afternoon taking a few more pictures on the mini-golf course. It was late and the course was closing for the day so we'll have to go back and actually play golf another time.


LWB auction update

I couldn't wait to hear the grand total that was raised. I watched the bids come in, and in the end, after 26 bids, I am thrilled to report that my bag of bows brought in $101.99 for Love Without Boundaries!!! The winner got a deal as the retail value was a bit higher were they to have bought all those bows directly from my website. I'm so excited that I was able to help raise funds for such a worthy and necessary cause.


Bragging on my bro

Just have to brag on my kid brother Tim. OK, so he's 18 and about to graduate from HS, so I guess not kid anymore. Anyway, he is an amazing self taught guitarist and is on fire for God. He plays in the praise band at his church and has an internship with the sound tech guy (that's the best I can unjustifiably describe it- I know I'm way lacking as this is a big church with a bigger music ministry and the sound guy was a professional concert set up guy and Tim is learning a lot). He has been a big fan of Hillsong for quite some time, and through the amazing capability of technology has been able to contact a Hillsong guitarist and learn some tips and tricks.

Tim was excited to learn that Hillsong would be playing a concert about an hour away. Even more excited to find out his sound tech mentor would be doing the set up. Even better that he was asked to come along and help. So imagine how cool it got when the band asked him to come backstage and hang out. Then Darlene Zschech asked him to go out for dinner with them and come back the next day (he was allowed to skip school for this!). Pretty neat!!