Monday, May 4, 2009

Could you hear me scream?

Yep, that loud wail at roughly 5 PM EST was me shrieking from the fact that the elder Girly Girl just cut (and not all that well) 11 ( E L E V E N ) inches of hair off the younger Girly Girl. The Girly Girl of long flowing, had real pigtais at 4months of age, has always had long- amazingly long for her age, she was know for her hair kind of hair.

I called my dear friend to help calm me down...11 inches!! Then I called several local salons to try to get an appointment for tonight. I have one for a salon that's supposed to be good and with a senior stylist at 6:45. It's at least 30 minutes away, so we better get going. My blood pressure is returning back to normal. I think I can drive. I did say 11 inches, didn't I???

Update with pictures will follow. I took a bunch already. Not sure she get's that this is for real and it won't be that long again until she's, like, 10!


1 comment:

  1. OH MY!!! I'm laughing just a little, but at the same time, I am feeling your pain! UGH!!! Can't wait to see the "before and after" photos! Drive safely!! ;)