Thursday, March 26, 2009

Need Bows for your Easter egg hunt?

Why did this not occur to me earlier? A customer asked for a dozen Bitty Bows and said she intended on placing them in the plastic Easter eggs to hide for her daughter. What a great idea! While the Girly Girls are big candy filled egg fans (who's not?) I grew up getting pennies and the occasional nickle, dime or whoo hoo...quarter in my eggs. Bows make a nice change of pace and a pretty surprise. Bitty Bows and clippies fit perfectly into the standard size eggs and the larger basic bows work in the larger eggs available. I put up a deal on the website- any 12 solid color Bitty Bows of your choice for $30 (eggs not included).


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gracie turned 1 !!

Our special little sponsor child, Gracie turned the big O-N-E yesterday. We got a few pictures of her with her doll that we sent. They were a gift to us. I also decided that we needed to celebrate with a cake in her honor. I picked up a pound cake from my favorite bakery, U*krops, and we lit a candle and sang to her. The girly girls wondered how we'd get the cake to China. I had to explain several times that we were not, we were just going to eat it and celebrate while thinking about her. So sweet of them to want to share a piece with her, half a world away. After all, it was her cake!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Signs of SPRING

Beautiful weekend here in central VA. Hard to believe a week ago it was 11 degrees and snowing and here it is 82 and simply delightful. I played around with my camera a bit and enjoyed the backyard with the Girly Girls.

Daffodils starting to come up

My Mother's Day tree is beginning to bloom

The Girly Girls on the swingset

Modeling a new set of Micky Mouse with bunny ears Easter bows headed to Ebay. (Had to pay modeling fees of $1 for cooperation on the job. But it went into the piggy bank!)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day!

Whoo Hoo!!
We had our first real snow of the season Sunday night. Even though it was dark, we all headed out with about 15 kids from the cul de sac for the building of snow forts and sledding. We came in at 8:30 just in time to hear that schools would be closed Monday. We heard the older kids still out until almost 11pm! The Girly Girls found that their shopping cart was efficient to transport snow for their pile, um, castle.

Woke up Monday to about 6 inches and then we got another 2-3 during the day. Ever the Girly Girls, the kiddos were insistant that they needed to wear dresses (Um, no!) and that all their layers needed to macth. I reasoned that it was OK to not match (just this once, lol!) because their tops would be covered by their coats.

So they were bundled up best we could. Luckily the $1 consignment sale boots I picked up just in case still fit (we hardly ever get snow that amounts to anything) and they headed out. I'm not one for cold so I took pictures out the open window with the zoom lense. I did get bundled up and joined them for round three (or was it four?) after a reminder email from the teacher that we had build a snowman homework.

It all iced over last night and school is closed again. But the forecast says it will be in the low 70's on Sunday.