Thursday, March 26, 2009

Need Bows for your Easter egg hunt?

Why did this not occur to me earlier? A customer asked for a dozen Bitty Bows and said she intended on placing them in the plastic Easter eggs to hide for her daughter. What a great idea! While the Girly Girls are big candy filled egg fans (who's not?) I grew up getting pennies and the occasional nickle, dime or whoo hoo...quarter in my eggs. Bows make a nice change of pace and a pretty surprise. Bitty Bows and clippies fit perfectly into the standard size eggs and the larger basic bows work in the larger eggs available. I put up a deal on the website- any 12 solid color Bitty Bows of your choice for $30 (eggs not included).


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  1. Hi, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. You are one extremely creative mommy! Can you pass some of that on to me????
    Thank you for allowing me to journey with you--can't wait to see what God has is store for your family in the future.
    Oh, do you live in Richmond? We lived there, in Midlothian. We moved two years ago. Still own a home in Church Hill. We love VA.