Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Gracie turned 1 !!

Our special little sponsor child, Gracie turned the big O-N-E yesterday. We got a few pictures of her with her doll that we sent. They were a gift to us. I also decided that we needed to celebrate with a cake in her honor. I picked up a pound cake from my favorite bakery, U*krops, and we lit a candle and sang to her. The girly girls wondered how we'd get the cake to China. I had to explain several times that we were not, we were just going to eat it and celebrate while thinking about her. So sweet of them to want to share a piece with her, half a world away. After all, it was her cake!



  1. Hi there! I am so glad to hear from one of Gracie's sponsors. It is a joy to sponsor her and to meet a fellow believer in this blog world!

  2. How sweet that you are one of Gracie's sponsors. It's been neat to connect with so many other bloggy friends and fellow Believers that share our heart for the kids at New Day! I love the connections we all share to those precious children on the other side of the world! Bless you for being her sponsor...that money is put to good honest use there! She is such a cutie pie, that's for darn sure!!! <><