Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, in the end all is well. She loves her new 'do. That's what matters. It will take me some time, I'm sure, to get use to it. I can't even do a ponytail anymore. But she likes it. Could have been worse.

The cut from the back- it was as long as the edge of the picture

Holding some of the hair

At the salon, waiting her turn.

Damage done

Correction in progress

The new 'do!

At home, with a bow



  1. I've been waiting for these photos! :) Very cute. I love the story that they tell!! Her new "hair-do" is very cute though...and she really does look adorable in this cut! Ya know, it could've been much 15 or 16 inches and scalped bangs... (I've seen this happen to a friend's daughter before!!) So at least there was still enough hair for a girly-girl cut! This one will be a fun "story" to scrapbook!!

    Have a nice week and God bless!! <><

  2. OH MY!!

    Owen did the same thing to the front of his hair about a year ago! His bang area was only about a 1/4 inch long!! It is a bit easier with boys I guess...I got out the shears and gave him a buzz cut.

    Your daughter looks BEAUTIFUl in her new hair do!!! It is quite a shock when you first see their work, but I must say she looks great now!


  3. My little one changes her mind from day to day...short, long, short, long...

    Terrye in FL