Saturday, July 10, 2010


Nice lazy day at home with the family.
Another year older...



  1. Babe,

    You look more beautiful to me now than on our wedding night. I am amazed as I see what a natural mom you have always been to our knuckle-heads. And I am inspired by your adoptive spirit.

    You have grown beautifully in heart and soul this last year and I am happy to be home with you and our girls. We are alive and well and together. I’d like the same kind of day for my birthday this year. ( I was once told that I am much older and wiser than my child-bride…)

    By watching and holding you, I could never guess or remember your age. I have told you this in private repeatedly lately; but this is to make you blush a bit in front of all you blogger girlfriends.

    Gotta go now…the kids are in bed!

    The Lucky Husband

  2. Awhhhhh! How SWEET is that!?! Love that "your Lucky Husband" posted on your blog... clearly you are loved and SO blessed!!

    Happy Birthday, dear friend! I couldn't see the photo, it just comes up blank, but I know how true your hubby's statement are such a beautiful lady!!

    We celebrated Martin's birthday today, too... casual and together ...just the way we like it best!!


  3. Like Tanya, I couldn't see the picture...but if you're in it, then I know it is stunning. :) I love the way your husband hacked into your blog...and I hope you are blushing BIG time!!! :) And I have to agree with him. I have seen you growing in heart in soul this past year through your blog, so I can only imagine what he's seeing "first hand". The day of your birth is certainly a day worth celebrating!!!