Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fairy Friends

Piper had her fairy friends come over to play last week to celebrate her birthday. She turned 7 last month, but it was so hectic with the end of school that we postponed her party. That and the tutus we needed to order for her fairy friends were on back order. She had decided that she wanted to have a fairy themed party so we ordered tutus, wings and halo streamers from the wholesale company I get some of my supplies from for my craft shows. Everything is priced perfectly and we ended up spending about $4 per guest and they each got to take home their dress-up ensemble.

We needed to do her party on the cheap and it was just as perfect as could be. We made a homemade cake and cupcakes, hid some $1 store shiny star stones around the yard (fairy stones) for the girls to seek and find, and offered markers and gems to decorate the wings. I also glued some foam hearts to skewers with a bit of $1 store bag filler tinsel to make wands for each fairy to decorate.

They played in the backyard and danced to music.

To take a break from the heat we strung beads inside and made bracelets.

It was so much fun! I've already had three moms call to tell me that their fairies have loved their tutus and not wanted to take them off.



  1. Wow!!! What a party! I'm sure the girls all LOVED it...if mine went to a party like that, they would think they were in heaven!

  2. Oh my gosh how cute is that! Looks like a wonderful party!

  3. it's perfect! do you hire yourself out??

  4. Oh for neat!!...what I would have done to have a party like that when I was a little girl. Every princess (or FAIRY's) dream party!!! And what a steal on those tutu sets... the perfect party favor for only $4 per guest...WOW! But the smiles, giggles and memories: Priceless!! :)