Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tomorrow's it

The last day of school, that is.

I've had this week off work, so a few days to be at home without kids. I'd like to think that I made the most of my valuable 'free' time. Can't really say that I did though. I was up at the school 5 times in two days for various end of year activities. Visited the doctor twice for my physical and back again the next morning for my fasting blood draw. Filled 6 bow orders and got completely caught up. I worked on building my fundraising blog site this morning and it's looking good (if I do say so myself). Not nearly enough time. Today was early release, so they got home at noon.

Tomorrow I'll be picking the girlies up from school. There is a tradition I thankfully learned about just in the nick of time last year where our neighborhood parents attack the kids as they get off the bus with water hoses, water balloons, water guns (you get the idea). Not such a fun thing for my girlies. I intercepted Piper last year as I knew she'd freak out, and oh my... when she witnessed the ambush from the safety of our car let's just say it was a good thing I ran and got her from school. A few weeks ago she stared asking if I was going to be able to come get her this year. The all out ring leader parents aren't there this year, so it might be more tame, but I'll still be driving them home to be on the safe side.
Then both girlies are off to a birthday party at a kids salon where they'll get all glammed up. Lookin' pretty in their up do's, glitter hairspray, sparkle nail polish and the like, we'll head out to our Sunday school class picnic and red neck theater.
Quite the day. I'm tired already just thinking about it.

Isn't summer supposed to be relaxing?


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  1. Yeah, that "tradition" would totally freak out my kids, too! Good thing you're prepared! ;)