Monday, February 21, 2011


For as long as I have had an online "presence" running a web based business (almost 6 years), one would think that I would understand far more and have long ago jumped all over the social media opportunities. Well, it's intimidated me! I have been my own little island running my bow business to those who happened to find me. I've been happy that way. But things are slow and I could really use an increase in business. I have adoption fees to raise!!

I had a reunion this weekend with five of my college sorority sisters and they encouraged me to start a Facebook fan page. My dear girlfriends who work day in and day out in corporate jobs in business, law and marketing are not only my cheerleaders, but a built in resource of knowledge I need to tap into! I dipped my toe into the water tonight and created a page. I had to have 25 fans to even register a url. I was giggling as I watched the ticker go up. I had it in about 25 minutes! My website url was taken, and so were the next five names I tried. I ended up with

Now I need to figure the marketing aspect out and add pictures and get some conversation going. Care to join me?


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  1. Yeah!! Welcome to FB... I'm glad to hear you have added Girly Girl Bowtique...I will certainly become a fan and suggest others, too! Sometimes it helps to get more people to stop in if you do a give-away. My step-sister recently did one to get new fans on her FB page and I know some of my friends from high school even went over to check her out. I think you'll have fun with it! On my way over now...I'll see you there! :)