Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yesterday my baby turned six. SO hard to believe!

Teagan is an absolute sweetheart. She has such a tender heart and genuinely cares about the feelings and well being of her family, friends, and strangers. I just love my girlie's heart!

Teaggie had a wonderful day. She was bouncing off the walls and jumping on the bed the moment she woke up. We gave her a holographic birthday card with a dancing hamster that plays "Hamster Dance" and she went wild! At school, her entire 1st grade class made her cards, her name was called on the announcements, she got to visit the treasure box in her class and meet the principal for a ribbon. The bus driver had all the kids sing to her on the way home (helps that she wore a "Birthday Girl" shirt!), we took lollipops to dance and asked the teacher if she could pass them out at the end and the teacher made a big to do and had the class all sing for her too. We went to her favorite restaurant for dinner so she could get her favorite meal of steak and Cheetos and ran into the girlies' former kindergarten teacher (LOVE her!!) in the parking lot with her just as fab hubby. That was a big highlight of the evening. On the way home, just as we pulled in our street what should come on the radio... Hamster Dance! We turned it up and all danced in the car and driveway. So silly, but hopefully a great memory. Yummy cake rounded out the day.

New baby Teagan

first birthday






Happy Birthday!!


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  1. Wow - your baby HAS grown so much!! Still as beautiful as ever!