Thursday, September 30, 2010

A blessing

My heart needed to be reminded that no matter how s l o w l y we are having to take the paper chase, it will all happen in His perfect timing. I received a blessing today, and it spoke to my heart.

I have ordered my key fob supplies for a few years from a company I first found on etsy. I've tried several suppliers, but this one has good prices, some special colors I really like using and can't get anywhere else, and always has fast shipping. After I ordered on Monday I received a reply that it was processing. I noticed that it was from a personal email address and not the generic company address. I wrote a quick note saying that I had been a customer for a while and wanted to let her know that I appreciated her customer service and great products. I also wrote that I thought she might be interested in what I was creating with her materials and shared my fundraising blog link.

Today I received a box. My actual order is still on it's way. This box contained 30 yards of webbing (that will make 90 fobs!)and 50 hardware sets and a $10 gift voucher to use towards my next purchase. Wow! There was a sweet note thanking me for sharing my blog and it continued to say that they supported worthy causes and wanted to support our adoption fundraising efforts with a donation of some raw materials. She also offered to post a link to the blog on their site when it is revamped next month.

Thank you Susan and All Island Webbing! What a blessing!



  1. WOW! What a generous heart~! It is amazing the way that your journey becomes a journey for others too ... in God's timing you will touch so many along the way.


  2. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! I love people's hearts...especially when they help orphans. Godspeed to your precious one!

    Love and blessings,