Friday, June 5, 2009

We attended a royal ball!

Kindergarten style!!! It was so cool. P brouught home a formal invitation last week, just like a wedding invite complete with a reply card in a separate envelope and all that tissue paper. Our presence was requested at the royal gathering of princes and princesses at the Word Wall Ball. Word wall words are the 32 sight words all kindergartners are expected to master by the end of the year. In order to receive their invitation, they had to read all the words to the royal messenger. The morning of the ball, P picked out her pink silk and tulle dress (it's a special occasion dress that Gymbo mis-marked on line for sale for a few hours almost 2 years ago and I got for $14 and it still fits!!). T has one too and would be in attendance as a royal guest, so I decided I should match as well and dug out an old bridesmaid dress that had never been worn again. We took our seats around the dance floor, one class of parents and siblings on each side of the room. The Queen (Principal) welcomed all of us and introduced the children as they walked through a giant balloon arch in their finest attire and foam crowns and tiaras. The teachers were in their ball gowns too!! Each teacher called up their kids one at a time for a certificate recognizing their ability to read all the word wall words. I took two pictures of P getting hers and one is blurry and the other is a few seconds too late (darn!). Then the dancing began!! They had partnered up the kids and taught then a "waltz". It was too stikin' cute! P and her partner were on the other side of the room, so a still picture was out of the question, so I just video taped the entire event. The waltz was followed by the Cha Cha slide, Macarena and one other group dance whose name I didn't catch. Priceless. Simply priceless.



  1. Kelly,

    I couldn't view the video, but the event sounds ....very 'girly' indeed!!!!

    I love the new 'face' of your blog....I guess we both got a make over;-). The picture of you and your girls is so all have such warm, genuine smiles.

    God bless!!!


  2. Hang in there, sweet friend. Your 'storm' WILL pass---I promise you :)
    I can hardly wait!!!