Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dad gets the dead fish

So that's what I heard as I rounded to corner into the kitchen. The girls were sitting at the kitchen table getting ready for craft time. Tea had received some shrinky dinks for her 5th birthday from a friend and they were about to start coloring. For some (very strange reason) one of the shrinky dinks was of fish bones. They had carefully sorted them out, Tea being gracious and sharing them with her sister. Apparently there was an odd number and the one left after they had taken turns picking their stash was the fish bones. And Dad was to be the lucky fellow to get the remaining one.. the "dead fish." Lucky duck! [ it's very small and hard to see, but Pip is holding it at her eye level ]


The flu is almost an epidemic here. We have managed to avoid it so far, but hundreds of kids are out of each of the local schools. Only 1 out from my class, but four (out of 12) are gone across the hall. They are giving immunization shots for free at all the schools, but I have decided not to vaccinate for this one after a lot of research and prayer. So we are eating well, taking vitamins, and hand washing like crazy. I have a sinus infection so am running at 80% and hope to stay well for at least the next few days. I leave Friday afternoon for Virginia Beach for my church's women's retreat. I'm excited for a few days of companionship in Christ and spiritual renewal.



  1. I'll be praying for your family to stay healthy! And, have fun in Virginia old hometown! :)

  2. Yay! Someone else who has rediscovered Shrinky Dinks! I bought some for my boys (6 and 4) and myself (haha) last month and they are a BLAST! Takes me back to when I was a kid :-) I found a place online that has the refill blank plastic for reasonable rates if you are interested. (not sure on shipping though.)
    Stay healthy!

  3. So fun to see an update from you.

    The flu is crazy here too. Nasty. We definitely won't do the vaccine either. Like you, I've researched and prayed.

    Love and hugs

  4. It's been the same around here. The flu is at an all time high and kids are missing by the handfuls from nearly every classroom. But I'm with you on skipping the immunizations... I'm not sold on them either!

    Shrinky Dinks... how fun! I used to love those when I was a kid. Sorry that dad got the dead fish. LOL!! ;)

    Have fun on your Women's Retreat... sounds like a great time of spiritual refreshing!!

    Blessings and Hug,

    P.S.>> Your daughters are SO adorable...and they have the prettiest hair. I especially LOVE the curls!!! :)