Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The encounter

I didn't know what to call it. I knew it wasn't a coincidence. I knew that God had clearly sent somebody across my path at a time I was doubting as a sign to remember that all my hope is in Him. Some might say that it's a small world. And while it certainly can be, God orchestrated the events- not chance.

What am I talking about? Divine confirmation is what my bloggy friend Adeye calls it and I really like that! Her story is great, so go check out her post.

But here is what transpired with me...

I know deep in my heart that God has called us to adopt a waiting child. It is a desire that He has put there. There are so many obstacles, but I hold firm to the truth that He has called us and that it is His will that we care for orphans. I know someday, in His perfect timing, it will come to pass. But it has already been 18 months since this was first laid on my heart and there is no starting time on the horizon. I often get discouraged and then something happens out of the blue that puts orphans or adoption or China smack dab in front of me and I know that it's God telling me to keep my focus on Him.

A few weeks ago we went to Texas. It was an award business trip. It was paid in full for Paul, if I were to attend we'd have to pay airfare and other expenses and that wasn't in the budget and nearly impossible. I prayed for a month that if God wanted me on that trip, that he would provide the finances. A bonus came about that I had no idea was even a possibility right before the deadline to sign me up, and so God said "Go" and I did!! As we were sitting at the airport I saw a Caucasian dad with his Chinese infant. They were on our flight. She was adorable, the dad was very hands on and obviously smitten. I couldn't take my eyes of the pair and Paul noticed them too. I had just been reflecting on how this trip didn't seem possible, but God had provided and here I was. That was just about the time I noticed the father and daughter. I felt Him saying to me "Look what else is possible, too."

Fast forward to this past Saturday. I had a craft show at a middle school in the town where my Mom and Dad live about 1 1/2 hours from me. The show was slow, but my mom and I were having a great time just hanging out together. I looked up and saw a man I thought looked familiar. Then the stroller he was pushing came into view. It was the dad and daughter from the airport, along with his wife and their 8 year old Chinese daughter. They walked right into my booth space! I asked him if he was on a flight to Texas a few weeks ago. He thought for a moment and then his wife said "Yes you were, the first leg of your flight to Omaha." I told him that we sponsored a Chinese orphan and had noticed his daughter. He remembered our brief conversation on the gangway when Paul told him how great his daughter had been on the flight. And then we talked for almost 30 minutes. Their older daughter was 8 and was adopted 7 years ago. They had just brought home Sophia in September and she had turned 1 last week. They had waited almost 5 years in the NSN track for her with a lousy non Hague agency. We talked about China and adoption. And all the while Sophia was blowing bubbles and smiling at me and bouncing all over her stroller. Her full head of hair bouncing right along with her and she sang and cooed and giggled endlessly at me and my mom. (They got quite a few bows for all that hair!!). They left my space, only to return about 30 minutes later for even more bows and more conversation. Their presence sparked conversation between my mom and me that went on for hours after they left. They waited 5 years from application to "gotcha"??? I realized that my journey had begun. It's just not measured (yet)in documents or check lists or payments due. It's a journey in my heart in mind. In the past eighteen months my heart's been broken for the orphan. I've learned about special needs and realized that's the path I want to travel. I've begun to teach my daughters about compassion and orphans on a level that can completely understand by getting them involved with sponsorship and New Day. And I remember to trust that the official journey will one day begin.

What were the chances I'd travel 1.5 hours to a very small, poorly attended craft show and have an opportunity to meet and talk about China and adoption with the same father/daughter pair that crossed my path at 5 AM a few weeks prior and who God used to speak to my heart??? It wasn't chance at all. It was divine confirmation.



  1. Oh Kelly! The tears are flowing!!!! I can't believe that God brought that man and his daughter back into your life...He is so amazing!!!! And, you are absolutely right...your journey has begun. You are a "waiting parent" even if it means that you are waiting to apply. And if I were a betting woman, I'd say you'll have your SN child home BEFORE the people who have been waiting in the NSN line for the last 18 months. God's got a plan, and He's working it out. You can't see all the details, but He has it all under control. One day you'll be blown away with the glory of it all and the "official" journey will begin...just like we were. :)

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  2. wooohooo---I just LOVE ot, my friend. Oh how I love God and the way He orchestrates things so perfectly. So divinely. That is just the most amazing God story I have heard for a long time, my friend. He encouraged your heart when you needed it. He knew JUST what you needed. Yes, your journey has begun. It absolutely has. And what a beautiful way He chose to let you know it :)

    So stunning, my sweet friend.

  3. What a cool post Kelly! (I just knew it was going to be a good one so I started reading it and then saved it for this morning while I still have some alone time!) What a blessing this road of preparation will be when you are able to look back and realize all these wonderful God moments when He led you even at the points of doubting the destination of this dream. If you could do it all on your own (or if it seemed like you were) God wouldn't be as BIG in all the details. And I love the details! What a blessing that you were able to have such confirmation and reconfirmation with this family. I get this mental picture of God weaving a beautiful tapestry and we're only one minute area ... and yet it's all connected. Where the fine threads twist and join is where God brings our lives together and apart and back together again as a gorgeous "lace" is woven and created. He's laying the foundation with some intricate joining right now. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story! I love to know there are others who wait, sometimes patiently, sometimes anxiously, sometimes doubtfully but always heart-fully for God's hand. He knows your heart and your dreams and will use you. Blessings!

  4. Oh Kelly~ What a beautiful post. It totally choked me up. I know how much you long to adopt and I think of you and pray for you often. You've been through some ups and downs over the past year, but it's all part of the journey. I love how God used that family to shine His love back down on you and confirm that you are still "on track"! He has not forsaken you, nor has He forgotten the desires of your heart... afterall, I truly believe HE placed them in there to begin with! Your love for the orphans is honest and sincere, and God has already chosen the perfect child for you...and the perfect timing! Isn't that exciting to think about!?! Indeed, this was no 'chance encounter' but definitely a divine appointment!

    Can't wait to see when/where He leads you next!! <><

    Love you,