Friday, February 12, 2010

Random ramblings

(I know this is worthless without pictures, but they will have to wait...)

A catch up post

In the last week I have...

1) Gone to work 2 full and 1 half days thanks to all this snow and ice.

2) Made over 600 bows and clips for upcoming craft shows and cut all the fabric for some headbands and belts. The house is a giant mess of ribbon and clips and fabric in way too many places.

3) Refereed about as many squabbles between sisters stuck inside way too long.

4) Watched (that's the key word) the girlies run 2 and 2.5 miles at running club after school. They still had way too much energy!

5) Made some way cool (if I do say so myself) girly baby gifts for my college little little sister who's having her first child (a girl!!) in April and baby shower tomorrow (hope she can be dug out of the 4.5 feet of show she received to make the trip back to our college town for the shower!).

6) Went to Piper's school for the 1st grade Valentine's concert and watched her sing and say that what she loved most was having friends that came over and played with her and snuggling with her mommy!

7) Received a lot of chocolate and cute, heartfelt Valentine's Day cards from my preschool kiddos.

8)Read what I could and searched for info on the new C2A2 policy of no longer having agency SN individual lists. Saw mention of it on CAdoptTalk last night and then got an email from the China coordinator of the agency we'll most likely use today confirming the new policy. Wondering what this will mean?

We're off to a pizza party nighttime play date in a few minutes. Then I hope to sew a tutu onto a onesie as one last gift tonight. I bought the organza and the onesie and I have a vision in my head, but no real sewing expertise in this area, so we'll see what happens.

I also can't wait for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics tonight. We have antenna TV reception and NBC is hit or miss, so I'm really hopeful that it will come in clear for the events I want to be able to watch. I'm an Olympics nut. In 1988 I was really sick for a few days and my mom moved the 7 inch TV into my room and I watched the Calgary games non-stop. I became so addicted I feigned continued illness so I could miss more school and keep watching. I also go to spend 8 glorious days at the 1996 games in Atlanta. It was amazing and I really hope to be able to take the kids to an Olympics one day. Truly was an uplifting international camaraderie experience.



  1. Oh my goodness - you've been busy! When you figure out what the CCAA is doing, won't you let us al know!?! Good grief!!

  2. It sounds like your snow days have at least been productive...wish I could say the same over here! LOL! And I'm with Sara, it would be great to know exactly what the CCAA is doing!

  3. Busy-busy-busy!!...did you say SIX HUNDRED bows?! Oh my goodness, are you super-mama or WHAT?!?!

    This whole ordeal with the CCAA and the SN individual lists is so confusing...and I really do NOT understand the reasoning for it. It doesn't seem like it would be in the best interest of the children. Praying that they work out the details soon. My heart aches for these children, and all I want is for them to be adopted into their forever families asap... no more system delays to lengthen the process.

    Keep us posted if you hear anything more!


  4. I'm in awe of your art-full-ness! 600 bows!?? I was just thinking about what a cool business you have and hoping it was going well! I'd like my art-full-ness to bring in some money, release some creative angst and fund some big dream like you have. I just think that is SO ultra cool! (Did you see the drawing for the cool bracelets one mom is making to fund her daughter's adoption?)

    And I totally get the scene with snippings of ribbon etc. all around! (I currently have a quilting project taking up half of our dining room table--being an artist is kinda messy isn't it!)

    I love that you are in the loop already with the CCAA stuff. I'm so excited for your China journey. I pray that the rules don't keep changing and that the children are being thought of here and not just paperwork and dollars.
    Best of luck for a successful craft show!