Monday, October 25, 2010

Another week

Nothing new to really post about, but I am trying my best to write at least one post a week.

The girlies have been enjoying favorable temperatures and play outside most afternoons once home from school. There are three 'regulars' over at out yard, or the girlies venture to their friend's yards across the cul de sac. It's so nice for them to have such great friends just a shout away.

I have a craft show every weekend, and sometimes more than one a weekend for the forseeable future. I'm exhausted already after just three weekends of shows. This week I'll be set up at our former preschool Thursday and Friday mornings for parents to shop while waiting for the costume parade. It has always been a good event for me. I'll get there early and set everything up and Paul will actually be there to sell for the hour each day since I'll be teaching at my own preschool. Then on Friday, I'll return after my school lets out to take my setup down and pack the car and drive over to another church to set up for their Ocktoberfest Friday night and all day Saturday. Whew! At least Monday and Tuesday are teacher workdays so I can catch up on inventory since my largest shows of the season are back to back weekends at the start of November. I may not want to see another bow or headband for a while after Christmas!


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  1. It's great that you are busy with orders/shows though... good for Christmas AND the adoption fund!! :) I wish you lived closer, so I could track down one of your shows!

    Just thinking of you and stopping by to say hello! ...I've missed ya! :)