Monday, May 16, 2011

Headbands for orphans in Africa

I feel blessed to have discovered in a very roundabout way that Elisa
is going with Kari and Visiting Orphans to Uganda and Ethiopia and they were looking for headbands for the girls they would be ministering to. Some of the places they would be going were locations I have become familiar with thanks to the tight knit community of adoption bloggers and orphan advocates.

Headbands and orphans? Really? Right up my alley. I can do that- no I MUST do that!

I ordered headbands because I only had a few on hand and got to work turning my stash of flowers into clips to put on the headbands when they arrived. They got lost in the mail and took 12 days to arrive (Ugh!) but finally came in on Saturday. The girlies and I got right to work.

I glued the flowers and bows onto clips and then handed them over in assembly line fashion. Piper and Teagan then picked out what flower/bow looked best with what color headband and attached them. We played videos on the laptop from y0utube of mission trips to serve orphans in Uganda while we were working. The girlies and I made 110 headbands. The vast majority have flowers with rhinestone centers, but I didn't have enough in my stash to make them all that way, so we improvised and made some with bows and korkers and poofs too. It was so much fun assembling the headbands knowing that they would be headed to girls in Africa. We are excited to hear all about the trip and hope that our donation helps the team meet their lofty goal of 4000 headbands!



  1. They are GORGEOUS! The girls AND the bows! What a great cause!

    This is what i need! Well, not 110, but maybe six? I need an assortment of headbands and flowers - did you see our new daughter's shaved head!?

  2. Oh Kelly ~ you already know this, but I LOVE YOUR GIVING HEART!!! I pray that God blesses you BIG time for the way you love to give and serve others! It blesses my heart to think of the lucky girls who will be wearing these half a world away! And I loved the assembly line with your girly girls ~ you all make a GREAT team!!