Sunday, October 30, 2011

Photo shoot fun

The girlies don't really like to model for me much anymore. I signed with a modeling referral service several months ago and I ship out my items and get professional modeled pictures for my advertising (I get full rights to the images) and the model/photographer keep my item(s) as their compensation. It has worked out pretty good. One set of pictures was awful and I had to file a complaint and get my items back, but other than that I have gotten some pretty good images and some amazing ones! It has allowed me to get younger and older girls and different ethnicity's than I have in my home.

But I don't always want to send out more expensive or one of a kind items. So I have to fall back on using my home grown models... and bribery.

The bribe this morning?

Mommy needs to sell some more stuff so there will be money available in my paypal account to do some Christmas shopping.

Worked like a charm!

They changed clothes several times, and made silly faces for each other to help me get natural smiles. It was fun! And I got some good pictures.

Uploaded a few new things to etsy this afternoon. Mini Top Hats are the up and coming fashion trend for play and especially for photo shoots. They are incredibly fun for me to make as I get to be creative. I priced mine below the average of the hats currently listed.

Hope I get some sale in the next month.

Christmas shopping needs to get started!



  1. Your girls are pretty, pretty, pretty! And those hats are soooooo cute!!! I always use bribery when necessary!!

  2. Bribery can be such a wonderful tool when necessary!! ;)

    The girls did great, and I still love the grinchy hat!! ~ the leopard is pretty posh, too!

    Khloe and I did a photo shoot early this evening, too. I needed to get some photos of her wearing Valerie's skirt that she won in the other Khloe's raffle. Well, let's just say, she put on a show... we even made a little "movie" (she loves to 'star' in movies!) so I am going to try and post that tonight. Stay tuned... LOL!!

    Hope you have some GREAT sales for Christmas and the adoption fund!