Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Busy Days of Bows and Such

Isn't everyone just overwhelmed this time of year? I have just completed filling all of my interent orders and local craft show orders and that's a great feeling. I doubt too many more will come in that are for holiday items since we are getting so close to Christmas. I still have a lot of baking and wrapping to be done (The shopping is basically completed). It has been a joy to work on a special project- the girls and I are getting together a big box to send to Gracie and her friends at New Day. I had hoped to have it together and in the mail long before now, but it looks like it will get shipped tomorrow. We got sidelined by illness for a few days. Anyway, what are we sending... some goodies and needed items, but mostly BOWS (what else??). At last count over 80, in fact! The girls and I have put together goodie bags for each of the girls with bows and bow headbands for the younger (ie: little or no hair) ones. We are sending a lot of extras too! We also assembled some boy bags with toy cars. The Girly Girls have drawn cards and are so excited to be sending off bows to Gracie and the "girls we read about on the computer." We can't wait to find out the reaction.


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