Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Guess what's going to Gracie??

Can't keep it in! Sweet Gracie, the little one we sponsor is turning 1 in March. The Girlies and I brainstormed what we thought she would like. My girlies are B*rbie and doll crazy, so it wasn't a surprise that they thought Gracie needed a dolly. Whodathunk that you couldn't easily find Asian dolls. That setteled it- I'd have to make her one. Far more special that way anyhow. Thing is... I can sew a mean bow, but I'm only a dabbler at sewing much else. I have made some nifty Halloween costumes, but a doll? So I grabbed my tissue paper and set off to make a pattern. I'm thrilled with how she turned out. I drew the face on paper and used my design software to create an embroidery pattern. The doll is just about 16 inches and made out of muslin and cotton. I used this soft 'fur' for the hair and made pigtails I pictutred Gracie being able to grab onto. The dolly has this verse embroidered on her belly- "The Lord will command His Angels to take good care of you." Luke 4:10 . I then had to make her a dress. I found the sweetest birthday present fabric and made the dress reversible with a pink polkadot fabric for two looks! Thie picture is of her still in progress- I'll update with all done pictures. I just have some velcro to sew onto the back of the dress and she'll ship off Wednesday. I hope she loves it. It was certainly made with love!



  1. I love the doll! After I ordered some bow I had to come back to see where you got it. Precious!!!!

  2. Ok, girl, are you selling the dolls?? I HAVE to have one!!!! LOL! I will be perusing your site in a bit!!

    Can I just say that our daughter, Mya, came home with some stuff that was obviously sent to her from her sponsors (an "I love Louisianna" teddy bear & a inscribed Veggie Tales" book) They really mean the world to me to know that she was so covered in prayer while she waited for her forever family!!


  3. The pictures of all the girls wearing their bows is priceless!