Thursday, September 10, 2009


"No. They are 16 months apart."

I find myself saying that, no joke, at least 5 times a week when we are out in public. The girly girls just had their back to school physicals and only 1/2 of a pound separates them in weight (younger good eater having older finicky sister beat there)> as for height, older P still has 1.5" inches on younger T, but it's not that noticeable. Their hair is now the exact same color after a summer of sun has lightened up T a bit. The only difference is one is curly and the other straight. They both wear size 11 shoes and size 5-6 clothes. And since they have identical styles and interests, they both have the exact same shoes, sweaters, rain coats... You get the picture.

They now know the stock response. I've even caught an eye roll followed by the under the breath muttering "16 months apart" on several occasions. After a grocery trip last week P remarked, "Hey, nobody asked if we are twins." It's that common of an occurrence.

I used to wish I had a twin. Anybody else? Even just a sister would have done.

I have a favorite blog I like to follow. They have twins from China and the pictures and stories are so darn cute. The mom, M3, started doing product reviews last month and I sent her a box of bows for her girls to put to the twin test and review. They opened the box yesterday. M3 posted a bunch of pictures of the girls with them. Too cute. The review will come out in a week or so after they are well tested. Can't wait to hear what they think and hopefully get some good press!!



  1. Oh my gosh--they are ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

  2. People ask me ALL the time if my girls are twins (13 mos apart) and they look nowhere near as much alike as your girls do. You have my sympathy! I know how annoying those questions can get! LOL! You're "twins" are absolutely gorgeous...although I'm sure you hear that a lot, too! :)

  3. You are going to have your hands full when those little beauties grow up... I'm sure their daddy will be guarding the door pretty good! ;o)

    I like that you caught them swirling their eyes while muttering "16 mos apart" under their breath...too funny!! They are truly gorgeous girls though...and there will never be any doubt that they are sisters!

    Blessing to you, and I hope your new job is treating you well!! :)


  4. They're dolls!

    I've got three sons born within a span of three years. I get the "are they triplets?" question all the time.