Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just REALLY busy

Haven't posted in a while. Haven't posted to the blogs I love to follow in a while (thought I have quickly scanned a few). Just been REALLY busy!!

There has been a lot to do to get ready for the new job. I've spent a few days in training and prep and a ton of hours at home. We have made two more trips to grandma and grandpa's (and plan one last hoorah for this Fri/Sat). T has had a severe double ear infection and we are on round two of meds and P has a sinus infection and is on meds as well. Then we had the back to school physicals and I had to have one as well. I gathered, prepped, tagged and delivered 90 items to a consignment sale. I donate a Girly Girl Bowtique gift card to the volunteer prizes, so I get to shop early with the volunteers. We went this afternoon and found a few fall dresses and some really neat king, queen, prince and princess puppets. Also was tickled to find a Language Learners Mandarin speaking doll for $5. She's way cool!!

Girls were expecting postcards from their teachers today. P's came but T's did not. She was so sad. We had been hanging out in the cul de sac for over an hour with friends waiting for the mailman. Thankfully the little girl across the street's didn't come too, so we weren't the only one. Still, she was sad all day. Around 4pm I remembered that I had P's last years teachers cell phone number in my phone- the same teacher we really wanted T to have this year (and she requested that T be in her class as well.) I debated if I'd seem a neurotic Mom to call, but decided to go ahead give her a ring and am so pleased I did. She has T in her class and also has little A across the street in her class as well!! Thrilled!!!



  1. Yayeee--it is so wonderful to have you back here :)
    So glad everything is going so well. How amazing is the Lord, hey? I am still rejoicing with you, dear friend. He has been GOOD to you! Can't wait to see how other unanswered prayers begin to unfold in the near future :)

  2. I am SO glad you are back...you've been missed!! I think about you often and wondered how your new job was going. I figured you were probably just really busy with the training and the BTS madness! ;o) Glad to know you are well and will be praying that the girly-girls are soon healthy again, too!!

    Blessings and Hugs!!

  3. Glad you are staying busy but also that you're back to check in too! Thank you for the incredible donation for Drew's raffle. I am SO blessed to have gotten my name drawn, especially for that prize! I love your stuff --even if I buy it for other people's girls :-) I do like my headband that I purchased last month for me. AND I need to check out the other mom-stuff. I am a bit torn as I also feel a tug at my heart to gift someone with this blessing too. Just having my name chosen for the prize was such a gift--I just wanna share the joy! Thank you so much for your generosity to such a great cause as Drew's! I look forward to browsing your store! :-)