Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A new sweetie

Our family had the honor of sponsoring a dear child living at New Day for eight months. In that time, we contributed $35 a month to go toward her care, sent gifts, celebrated her milestones, but most importantly prayed for her by name and lifted her up to the Almighty. To put it mildly, we fell in love with her. Last month, fifteen month old Gracie was adopted into a forever family in country. A local Chinese family now will forever call her daughter. I had pictures of Gracie around our home as a daily reminder for myself and for the girly girls to pray for this sweet orphan. Now that she has a family, we still pray for her. Our prayer is that she and her family will know the saving grace of Jesus.

Gracie with bows and the bear we sent her


This is Melody in what I believe is our blue Bumbo seat we sent for Gracie in January

Our little T in the Bumbo at the same age. Notice she was sporting two little pigtails like Melody's one above

It's time to pick out our next sweetie to sponsor. When I saw the picture of Melody, a new arrival at New Day, I was captivated. To me, she has quite a resemblance to our younger girly girl at the same age of 4 months. All that hair- she fits right in!! Her given name of Melody is a name the girls have picked out for some of their dolls, so I hear it daily. As I read the brief information about her I was struck by one more thing- her birthday is the same as Gracie's. So that sealed it- we should sponsor Melody. I emailed Rita and she put us in the database for Melody. She won't be a long term resident, she is there for surgery and then will return to her home orphanage. But she'll forever be in our hearts as our second sponsor child. Her picture has gone up in our home alongside Gracie. We have begun to pray for her by name, lifting her up to our Lord. We are asking for His healing hand when she undergoes surgery. For her family to quickly find her. And for her to know the love of her savior.

It is an honor to sponsor. There are many organizations and you can email me if you'd like suggestions. Won't you consider? It truly is a blessing.



  1. Oh Kelly ~ That is so neat to know that you were able to choose Melody to sponsor now. I think she is an absolute doll...and I adore that thick, full head of hair she has...can you believe all that hair at only a few months old!? ADORABLE!!! I know the person who got to choose her name, and she said that Melody means "joyful" and that it suits her perfectly! I also think she suits your family perfectly. And with all of that pretty hair, I think she'd be a great model for Girly Girl Bowtique!! <><

    Blessings and Hugs,

  2. Kelly--I actually "met" you through Valerie Almy's blog. I read your comment to her post today and had to jump on over to yours! My husband and I are also waiting for God to provide the resources to bring home His chosen daughter for us from China.

    Little Melody is precious. I love her eyes and her cheeks! We sponsor Cora and are absolutely in love with her! There are just so many precious children at New Day...I'm glad we get to be a small part of their work!

    Many Blessings,
    Tara Anderson