Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bows for Hailee

I hope that you made it to the end of my last post. The quick re-cap is that I feel led to help raise funds to donate toward a friend's adoption of a downs syndrome child currently living in Eastern Europe. (Fun fact about me- I was enthralled with Eastern European history in college and took so many courses from an amazing professor that I ended up with a degree in Govenrment with a concentration in Russian Politics.)

So here is how this is going to work...

I will be donating 100% of the proceedes from sales of my products off my website from today until July 22 to Hailee's adoption fund. I have been in the 'bow business' for a little over 5 years and have been online for 3.5 years. It's a nice hobby income and has been able to cover almost all of my girls' expenses from preschool tuition, dance classes, to wardrobe. But it's nothing huge, and July is typically a slow month. I want to be able to donate HUGE. That's where I need help.

Please spread the word about this fundraiser. Now is the prefect time to start thinkng about back to school accessories. All of the bows, headbands, ponytrailers, etc. on the website are only the beginning. I can make anything to match anything! Local customers stop by my house with outfits in hand, and my web customers email me pictures of clothes. I automatically match all Gymboree lines and Gap lines, so I know those colors already. I do school uniform bows, cheerleading team bows... Have a style you like but don't see on my site. Send me a picture and I'll recreate it. Remember, 100% will go to help bring Hailee home!!

Here in the South monogramming is HUGE. My best sellers are my 3 inch and 4 inch single intitial flat fold bows. Pick your color ribbon and color embroidery thread for a custom creation.

Headed to D!sney? Look at my Magical Mouse bows.

Don't have any girls in the house? I have several adult/mom items. Once you use my wristlet key fob you'll wonder how you lived without it!!

It's great to keep your keys easily at hand and still hold little hands or packages. They are one of my biggest sellers at craft fairs. Customers tell me in addition to everyday use, they love theirs for walking the dog, running quick errands and not wanting a purse, great for H.S. and college kids (stylish and trendy too!) to safely have their keys accessable. I like not fumbling for my keys in the parking lot. When I put them in my purse they have a slim profile that doesn't take up much space, but are easy to find. Need to keep your husband from snaging your keys- get an ultra girly style- that will do it!!! I'll be adding many more to the website. I have a ton made, but not yet uploaded. And like the bows, I can custom make your fob in a variety of colors. I have many colors of the webbing and a large fabric and ribbon stash on hand.

Another great adult option is the fabric covered headband. I wear one almost every day. It's quick and easy to be stylish with a designer fabric headband!

No girly girls in your home? I know you must know somebody!! Please pass this information on!

Bows for Hailee

My normal turnaround time is 7-14 days. I'm filling current orders within 7-10 days, but hope to be swamped for Hailee. Need something quick for a portrait or vacation. Just let me know.

There are so many possibilities! Please stop by the website, send this message all over, help bring in the orders to raise funds for Hailee!



  1. Oh friend, I am crying tears of absolute gratitude. There are no words...I am speechless at your giving heart and desire to help us out.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Kelly! Thanks so much for your sweet words on my blog today. I actually cried because I feel so humbled that God would bless others through the words and lessons He is giving me. Isn't He amazing?!?

    BTW - I love what you are doing to support your friend's adoption. Not sure if she has connected with Joy Portis yet, but she has 4 children thru adoption - her youngest, Elijah, is a Down's baby. So precious. Anyhow, she may be a great connection for Hailey's Mom. :-) http://joyportis.blogspot.com/

    Praying His abundant blessings of joy and PEACe upon you today.

    With love,