Friday, July 10, 2009

My gift

Now that I've had a bit of caffeine I am starting to function. Per my last post, I wasn't woken up that early (7:15), but for my summer standard for a morning without any definite have to be somewhere plan- it was early. I think the girls and I could have easily slept until 9. But since I was up, I began to charge up my gift.

Paul had been dutifully asking for about a month what I wanted. And in all honesty, nothing came to mind. I don't need anything and there wasn't even anything I really had been wanting. Then two nights ago he had an idea. He asked me if I'd want an MP3 player. That sounded cool (we are very technologically unadvanced, just not into all the hype and media bombardment). So he went to the store yesterday and got me this little (like 2 inch little!) do-dad.

I was all excited to download my first podcast and I knew exactly what I wanted to be able to listen to-
sermons from our former church McLean Bible Church
We moved away from the chaos that is Northern Virginia 4 1/2 years ago without looking back, despite having lived there my entire life, sans 4 years in Williamsburg for college. It was too crowded, too expensive, and the materialistic values that permeated the area was not the environment in which we wanted our kids to grow up. The one thing we do miss is the excellent Bible teaching of Lon Solomon at McLean Bible. It averaged 5000 adults weekly when we began attending in 1996 in a normal sized building that grew into a very big church that the Lord blessed with an amazing property and facility just outside the beltway. When we were back in the area one Sunday morning last summer and had the chance to attend worship, it was amazing to see the construction that had taken place and the growth. I'd easily call it a mega church now- so cool to see! Lon always said that a goal of the church was to reach the world through reaching secular Washington with the message of Jesus Christ.

I was always touched by MBC's commitment to families with disabled children. Now that I have been touched by special needs adoption and have bloggy friends with children with all sorts of special needs, I view this ministry with greater appreciation. I though I'd link MBC's Access Ministry as it may provide some information or insight.

I'm excited to use my birthday gift to reconnect to MBC. Lon is a gifted teacher and I encourage you to check out the sermons I'm sure you all are far more technologically advanced and know all about how to do that. Paul and I really like Lon’s famous “So What?” question he often asks during his sermons that leads to a practical application of the message. I'm off to listen :)


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