Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have enjoyed reading Thankful Thursday posts on others' blogs. It just so happens that I have a chance to write a post on a Thursday and there is something in particular I am quite thankful for today, so here is my first (hopefully of many) Thankful Thursday posts...

The girly girls have long been timid around water. OK, timid is a bit, well, weak. They have been down right terrified. Last summer we spent the majority of our time at the community pool in the baby pool alongside the infants and toddlers because 8 inches of water was where they were comfortable. I could, on occasion, get them to the steps in the main pool, or in an inner tube, but they would still cry and have a death grip on me. No. Fun.

I had heard wonderful things about a swim school in the area and quite a few friends had taken lessons with amazing results. I looked into it last year, but it is expensive and for us, times two. Early in the spring a friend whose daughter had gone last year mentioned that the family run school was Christian and offered scholarships, that they viewed their business also as a ministry. I contacted them and we were given a partial scholarship, a true blessing because we could not afford to send both girls.

They began their 8 days of lessons a week ago Monday. There were LOTS of tears. Nightmares for several nights and elaborate plans to avoid going back.

"OK, how about this. We get Mom to go to the grocery store first. You go one way, I'll go another and we'll get lost and miss the lesson!"

By the third lesson we were seeing progress as they were still scared stiff, but the crying was lessening and they were learning- lots!

The lessons are 1 child to 1 instructor and the teachers have been amazing, giving each of my girls the exact dose of gentleness and encouragement and in P's case- 'you'll do it because you are the child and I am the teacher and I said so'. Man, that kid can try to talk her way out of any situation!

So today was their last lesson. As far as they are concerned that's reason enough to celebrate. It was a tough one with a water safety test fully clothed. I'm celebrating because they have asked me to take them to the pool everyday for the past week, and I have obliged for hours and hours. They have been in the big pool, jumping in, swimming underwater to see who can go farther, splashing and playing like the majority of all the other kids their ages. Did you catch that- BIG pool!!!There is still some fear about some of the skills and not wanting to practice some of the trickier things they learned, but the growth is simply amazing.

I can't begin to thank Morgan Swim School enough. I'm extremely thankful!



  1. woohoo--what an amazing breakthrough. So thrilled that your Daddy provided a way for both girls to go. I love how He cares about everything that is important to us :)
    Faithful God!

  2. Yay! That's awesome!!! I'm laughing because yesterday I had one of those "wow look how far you've come" moments with my youngest. We're total beach lovers and when we brought her home from China - that's one of the first places we went. Oh my. With just one toe in the sand, she LOST it. Total terror. It took lots and lots of trips and patience, but slowly, she overcame it. Yesterday, she had totally sand covered feet and said, "Look, Mommy! My feet are wonderfully sandy!!!" complete with a giggle and smile. LOVE IT! God is SO good! Have a GREAT weekend! - Amy

  3. Progress!!!! Congrats! Our journey with the water has been a slow one... we made a breakthrough this summer and are hoping to catch up with her peers sometime in the next year or three. Heh.