Monday, March 22, 2010

Another recap of weeks gone by

I've been trying to keep up with the blog, but I'm obviously just not so good at it.

Ahhh, at least there is intention. That means that there is a possibility of fruition? I'm holding onto that thought.

So the recap...

On March 10 we celebrated two special birthdays. The two little girls who we have had the honor of sponsoring share a birthday. Gracie turned 2 and Melody turned 1. We bought a cake, sang "Happy Birthday" and blew horns and said prayers for our special birthday girls half a world away.

Then, that weekend I went to my big expo event. It was a very big success! Traffic was decent and sales were slow but steady. Not my best show, but I cleared the income figure I had set for myself. I average $400 a show, and since this was a 2 day event I mentally wanted to walk away with $800. After the booth rental and the credit card fees, I just cleared that figure. God provides!! It was my first show accepting credit cards on site and that was a good decision as 2/3 of my sales were paid for in that manner. I had tweaked my set up this time too and was very pleased with my results. My two new banners had just come in as well. I love the more professional appearance they give. My next show is May 1 at a local church.

This past weekend Paul was gone Fri/Sat helping run a Men's ministry conference an hour north. It was a glorious first day of spring and managed to hit 70 degrees. The girlies and I ran a few errands and found new sneakers (that glitter!!) on sale at O!d N@vy and used my coupon for an additional 30% off making them $7 a pair!! We then were headed to Rit@'s for icees and saw a huge crowd. Yikes!! Decided to brave the masses and was so excited to find that it was FREE icee day in honor of the first day of spring. Can't beat that! I had mango and the girlies had a (strange) blend of mango and Peeps (yes, the marshmallow coated in sugar chick concoction made into a flavored ice). Turned their teeth bright yellow! Wish I had my camera on hand for that.

Yesterday after church we headed downtown to the 25th annual Irish Festival. Piper really wanted to see the Irish dancers.

We also liked the pipers.

It was crazy crowded and Paul had to drop us off and continue to drive around looking for a place to park. We saw some dancers (but not the fancy ones we saw last year that she was hoping for) and enjoyed walking around. What a cast of characters we saw!! I don't believe that the girlies had ever seen so many tattoos in their lives.

On the way home we went to McD's for ice cream.

The girlies rocked out in the car on the way home to some worship music. Here they are playing air drums to Michael W. Smith's Prepare Ye The Way.

Oh how I'm going to try to stay more on top of posting!!



  1. Congrats on the incredible show! That is so wonderful to see you met your desired goal. The booth looks incredible--especially the banner. Hey, Oliver is back from Japan and had a wonderful time. I need to download the photos and get an email out to you. I hope Piper is excited 'cuz he's excited to share his adventure to the Orient! (Jeff outdid himself ... wow ... I thought I'd only get 1 photo, but he did so much more.) Things are crazy here ... but I'm hoping to get it done soooon.
    Thanks for catching us up with that post. You covered a lot of ground ... and way to go on the sales and free stuff. LOVE THAT!

  2. I LOVE the birthday cake for "your" sweet! And congrats on the amazing show! It's so cool to see God provide like that! He's SO good!!! It sounds like your Spring is off to an incredible start! :)

  3. It was fun seeing photos of your new booth set-up on here. I would've been SO in trouble if I came across your booth...I'm not sure I could control myself!! ;) Love the new banners...they do look very professional! :)

    That photo of the girlies rocking out in the back seat is hillarious!! Glad to know they have such good taste in music, too!

    And I think it is so neat that you still celebrate Gracie's b-day, too. I know how deeply you loved that little Sweetie. I often wonder how she is doing and pray she will know Jesus as she grows!

    Have a blessed week and WELCOME BACK!! :)