Friday, March 26, 2010

Crack of dawn

OK, so maybe not exactly the crack of dawn, but I do have to be up and out very early tomorrow morning. Tickets for our dance studio's May recital go on sale at 9am and folks will be lining up starting around 5AM to be at the front of the line to purchase the best choice of seats. Not that there is a bad seat in the house (the local High School auditorium, or that I particularly care exactly where my seats are)...but my girl friends all want to get there at 6:30AM with lawn chairs, do a coffee and donut run and hang out. So I'm game. Darn that it's been beautiful and in the upper 70's this past week, but a cold front blew in today dropping the temps by 40 degrees. The weatherman is calling for a lovely high of 35 degrees at 7AM tomorrow. Yikes! Early and cold- not a good mix for this always freezing night owl. Should be a fun time, and I will hopefully get an aisle seat.

(There are 4 performances- cast A and cast B each doing 2 shows Mother's Day weekend. Teagan( 2 numbers) and I ( 1 number) dance in cast A. Piper (3 numbers)dances in cast B. We get comped 2 seats because they couldn't get our entire family in 1 show. It's going to be a bit crazy, but I love recital time!!))


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