Thursday, April 1, 2010

The push up pop adventure

Once upon a fine spring day, there was a little curly locked girl of almost seven. She was having another delightful day of school, when to her surprise, a push up pop frozen treat was presented to her in the lunch room.

Another fair haired child was having a birthday and the push up pop was the celebratory treat. The curly haired child was, as is her typical style, very slow to eat. So slow, in fact, that she hadn't time to eat the frozen pop.

So what did this dear girl decided to do??

Put it in her lunch box to take home and eat later... hours later.

But, alas, that was not meant to be. For when she stepped off the bus and ran into the waiting arms of her mother she was strangely sticky.

And a red gooey mess was plastered down the side of her leg and atop her new, white shoes. Upon closer inspection, the reddish orange foul smelling goo was oozing out of her backpack.

So home they went. Carefully. Where it was discovered that "somehow" something got into her backpack. No, make that "somehow" something got into her lunch box. Oh!!! The odor was simply awful as the ever so patient mother gingerly opened the backpack and lunch box fully. Then she emptied out several dozen doodads found in various pockets of the backpack before giving it a good washing.

At least it was a warm and sunny day so the offending containers could be placed outside to dry after being scrubbed down.

After further discussion the curly haired girl's memory returned. Seems that she had just wanted to eat a frozen treat at a later time and it hadn't crossed her mind that her lunch box would not keep it ready for her.

Innocent mistake, albeit a VERY stinky and messy one. As the little girl was tucked into bed and the day was reviewed the lesson learned was discussed one more time... Don't put a push up pop in your lunch box for later. Please.



  1. Oh Kelly!!! We had a similar experience with an orange after Eli's Valentine's Party...put it in his "mailbox" to "save it for later" and about 2 weeks after that I came across it. It was black and furry, and oh so gross!!! The fact that it was mutating in his closet unknown to me still freaks me out! I feel for you, girl...I really do!

  2. Oh my goodness, the pop-up is way better than a fuzzy, mutating orange! Ahhh! But I also have to say, judging from the contents from her backpack, that girl is ready for ANY emergency! (heehee!) It reminds me of when I "clean out" my bag. (although mine usually has a fair number of matchbox cars mixed in.) It's amazing what we all bring along with us!