Thursday, November 4, 2010

One very sick kid

We have one very sick girlie here.

Poor baby has been fighting whatever it is for 9+ days. The doctors are not sure exactly what it is we are fighting, but it has been antibiotic resistant so far. After a full blood pannel draw was taken on Tuesday and then not sent off because the CBC appeared to give them the info they needed, she was put on another antibiotic, a "big gun." She still had a 105 fever this morning, 4 doses in. So back we went today for more talk, observation, and another 3 vial blood draw to be sent to a technician view (won't just be computer scanned) work up. And another "big gun" was called out. The pharmacist was amazed to see us back, 4th prescription between two kids in 6 days. We'll have some results back tomorrow, the others not until Monday. Would you please keep Piper in your prayers?



  1. Oh Kelly, I am so sorry to hear that your sweet girly girl is not doing well. We will certainly be lifting her up in prayer, and asking God for clarity on what is going on, so she can be treated. Do keep us posted and let us know of any specifics we can be praying. In the meantime, He knows the details!! <><


  2. I've been gone from the computer for SO long! I am so sorry that your girls!!! And for you. What a terrible thing to go through. Prayers to you for strength and also for answers and healing. I hope things are looking better by the time you read this!!! Hugs!

  3. Just checking in to see how things are going?! I miss you and pray all is well and that your home is on the mend.

    Sending big HUGS your way! <><

    love you,