Monday, March 21, 2011

Excited for my girlie!

Piper was selected last month to test for possible placement in the county gifted education program. While I have always thought that the way she learned and thought was above average and "out of the box," I know many parents think that they have really smart kids. We approached the entire experience very low key. I explained to her that some kids learn better in different environments with a different method of teaching, and her teacher thought that she might do well next year in the CBG (Center Based Gifted) program and would have to take a series of tests to find out. If the tests showed that the center was a good fit for her, well then great! If not, no big deal.

She took the six tests over the month of February and we received her scores this weekend. She scored in the 99% percentile across the board and has been invited to enroll in the center as a 3rd grader. Thankfully, the center is located in her current school building so she won't have to change schools and her best friend from preschool (who currently goes to another elementary school), well, he was invited too!

I'm very excited for her!


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  1. That's so neat!! I'm proud of your girly girl, too! And what fun that her bestie will be there with her... I can' think of a more perfect scenerio! :)