Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today we celebrate the birthday of two sweet girls we have had the honor and privilege of sponsoring. Both of our New Day girlies share March 10 as their birthday.

Our first sponsor child, Gracie, is turning 3 and has been with her forever family for almost two years. I wonder about her every day and she is always in my prayers. Her family is Chinese, and to the best of my knowledge, she is growing up in China. I wonder what she is doing on this special day? Has her hair grown in? Is she being taught about Jesus' love for her? I'll never know. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to sponsor her, to love on her from afar and pray over her. She will always be the first orphan child who opened my eyes and my heart. We celebrate her today.

Gracie on her 1st Birthday

Our second sponsor child, Melody, is now known as Hannah and her forever family will be on their way in a few months to bring her home. She turns 2 today. When I learned in December that Melody was now Hannah and had a family waiting for her I began to pray that she was going home to a Christian family. I wished they had a blog and that I could somehow know she was OK. My heart desired peace about where the sweet girl I have loved from afar for the past 20 months would call home. Our amazing God answered my prayer that I could somehow know a bit of where she was going.

Melody, now Hannah in her February 2011 update

Two weeks ago her new momma found my email and sent me a note. We have exchanged a few emails and pictures. Hannah has an amazing Christian family (with brothers and sisters!) and I have a new friend. God is so good!

There is so much to celebrate, sweet girls! You both are now cherished and loved daughters. You will forever be in my heart.

Happy Birthday Gracie and Hannah!



  1. That is so beautiful! I love the cake and that you celebrate their birthdays! I too have gotten the answer to prayer with Samuel's adoption by a wonderful Christian family ... and he has brothers and sisters and I have a new friend too :-) in his mom. I am so torn in taking his button down from my sidebar though! I think I might change the wording and just keep it there! I'm glad to see that you still have Gracie's up on yours.
    Let me know if you want me to do anything with your Melody button once she goes home ... OR if there will be a new ND sweetie in your life? :-)

  2. I think it's great that you celebrate their birthdays. I didn't realize that Hannah and Gracie share the same special day. I will always remember Gracie, too. I wish you had a way to know how she is doing today, but you can always continue to pray for her, and I know you will!

    Hannah (Melody) is precious, too! She captured us from the day she arrived. A very special intern to our family (Lindsey) got to name her when she arrived. Hannah is a beautiful name, too, and suits her well. I noticed her new mama left a note with her contact info on Laine's blog, and was going to tell you about that... but I see that you are already in touch. So happy for you both! What a joy to see that she is going to a Christian home and will know about the love of Jesus!

    love and hugs,

  3. I think sponsorship is an amazing thing! Wow, look at what it has done to you - answered prayers, opened your heart AND you met new friends :) two precious girls who needed those prayers RIGHT when you were giving them. Amen & Happy Birthday, beautiful girls!

  4. So glad that Hannah's mother has been in touch with you. I gave her your blog address, as I knew that you also sponsored "Melody". I'm not sure if that is how she got in touch with you or not.
    Hannah's mama found me on Rumor Queen. I was so excited that she contacted me, as I was hoping we would find out where Melody would be going home. I am also thrilled that she is going home to a Christian family. It is an answered prayer.