Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love my little reader

Piper has been going through books like crazy.

Last week she came home from school with a new library book and was reading it as she climbed down the bus stairs. As soon as we walked in the door she sat at the kitchen table and kept reading. When a friend came by thirty minutes later asking to play, she was still at the table, several chapters in to her new read. My girl loves books.

I was just up in her room gathering all her silkies (her little love blankets she has cuddled with since she was an infant that she hates to see in the wash). I was digging under her stuffed animals and pillow to gather them to wash(yes, she has multiples. I bought a few extras in case we ever lost one, and she found them and ended up having them all at once. But that's another story...). Anyway, I lifted up her pillow looking for silkies and this is what I found:

The stash of books Piper is currently reading. She stays up late each night after I tuck her in reading. She is a night owl like me. I don't mind that she doesn't turn in until after 10 each night. She is fueling her mind and growing her love of a good book.


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  1. That is TOTALLY hilarious. Not only are Brayden and Piper really close in birthdays ... he has a VERY special "silky"! Who we refer to as "Silky" --he's like part of the family I tell ya!
    (Had I thought ahead I would have bought another as this one is starting to get thread worn!) I made one ... and he snuggles with it, but it's not quite the same status as the yellow silky.
    Glad to see Piper is a reader! WOW! I can't imagine that from my boys--maybe playing a sport til that time of night ... but reading? Hmmm ... I need to encourage that MORE!