Friday, April 3, 2009

Change is good

Ripping out embroidery is a big pain. But I am joyfully doing so this morning with a huge smile on my face despite having worked on undoing the threads for at least 30 minutes and still having a long way to go. Why the change and why the joy??? I have to change a name.

Olivia is now Victoria. She has been matched with a family.




  1. A WONDERFUL reason to "rip[ it out", isn't it??? You have such a big heart to make bows for these girls!! I love seeing them receive them!!

  2. Kelly,

    Because the first winner can't take the blog design, we drew again and YOU are the winner. April will work with you to design an awesome blog-- but please contact her asap as you are next in line.


  3. Kay!!! Thank you so much for this news. I'll contact her right away :)