Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Working on her info sheet

The packed box

The girlies with their gift boxes

Back in November we sent in our Operation Christmas Child shoe boxes and filled out the tracking labels so we could know what country they ended up in. The girlies were really hoping for China, but were excited to learn that they had gone to Africa, to Gabon. We included a self addressed envelope in each box (it's suggested, as some recipient's may write back) and hoped that we might hear something. Teagan selected a girl age 2-4 and Piper a girl age 5-7 to receive their gifts.

Today Teagan received her envelope. Inside was a picture of a beautiful little four year old girl smiling in front of some flowers and two post cards from Gabon and a small map with her city highlighted in purple. The cards have a letter written in French, the girl's name, her address (just numbers and the city?) and phone number and a email that says it's for papa. She lives in the capital city of Libreville. I used an online translator and we got the main idea of the letter. It's written in cursive, so I'm not sure of some of the letters and I don't know any French to aid in guessing. I'm hopeful we can find a French speaker to translate for us and help us craft a letter back. Teagan is so darn excited to hear back from "her girl"!



  1. Oh wow!!! How cool is that?!?! I just love those little surprises from God. :)

  2. That is so rewarding & is such a precious reminder of how God weaves our lives together!

  3. Dear Kelly, my family and I live in Libreville and work in faith based ministry with Pastor Jean-Marc, the regional director of Operation Christmas Child. If you'd like more information regarding the program here or need translation help, let us know. Our family would be happy to help. God bless, Steve Straw

  4. That is SO COOL!
    What a super lesson for those girls ... and all of us to know that God is watching over all of us and rewards us with so many unexpected blessings! I can only imagine how excited your girls were!