Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodness me...

I've been home for just over 30 minutes and it's been crazy!

I laid out a fleece last week involving money to be raised at our yard sale this Saturday. We have a neighborhood wide, very well publicised and usually very well attended yard sale twice a year. We have sold a few odds and ends, but never put forth much effort. We are trying this year. The "fleece" is regarding the timing of starting our adoption process. I've been having a very strong feeling for the past several weeks that we need to But there is this pesky thing called money. I have one week left of work before summer vacation and 2 solid months of no income. Not really the best time to get the ball rolling when we'll be fundraising the whole shebang anyway. So I have prayed that if this is His prompting and not my heart saying now, that He would provide the funds we need to get started. We have prayed that if this is His will, that we would raise the initial agency fee and hopefully the initial home study fee this weekend.

I put a few 'bigger ticket' items on cr@igslist last weekend. We sold an old love seat in a day. $60 down. Had a lot of bites on the other items, but nothing came to fruition. I had really hoped that all the stuff would go over the week and we'd be well on our way. As I was driving home today I was a bit down. In my mind we would have sold a lot more by now. Maybe this really was just my mind wishfully thinking. I got home, and opened my email. There was a post on our neighborhood yahoo group asking if anybody was selling a treadmill before the yard sale. Why, yes! I have emailed her the specifics of our excellent condition treadmill and anxiously await a reply. My asking price would cover the home study application fee. The next message in my inbox... a receipt for a headband purchase from my website for $50- and it's for items I have already created sitting in my inventory tubs in the garage. OK, God. I'm not doubting. If this is your time frame, you'll provide. If your time frame is later, you'll provide. I'm just going to keep my focus on You.

So I'm feeling a bit of a high as I head to the bus stop. My girly runs off the bus and asks me to get her to the car immediately. She has been physically hurt by another child on the bus. A girl who has an assigned seat next to her on the bus pinched her chest. She has two red marks and is on the verge of tears. We drive home and I ask for the story a second and third time to make sure she and I both understand exactly what transpired. Then I call the school. The principal is out and the assistant is in a meeting that the secretary interrupts. We have had a run in with this child a few months back- it was verbal abuse and the principal handled it. The assistant asked the secretary to get all sorts of information from me, and assures me that she will deal swiftly with this in the morning. Please let Piper know that she will be called to the office, but she is not in trouble. Tomorrow just happens to be her 7th birthday. And daddy is already planning on going in to deliver treats and have lunch with her. Now he'll have a conversation with the principal too.

What a wild 30 minutes.


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  1. that's an eventful 30 minutes!!! In the last 30 minutes I've filled my car up with gas, set up the kids playing with Play-Doh and broken out the tortilla chips! :) I know...I'm a loser!!!

    I'm anxious to see what God is up to with your adoption!!! It's so cool to see His hand already at work, and it's a good reminder that He's at work in mine too! :)