Friday, May 21, 2010

Seven years ago tonight

I became a mommy.

Today we celebrate Piper's seventh birthday.

How did that happen? Boy, they grow too fast.

My brother called this morning to wish her a happy birthday and she was quick to tell him that she isn't exactly seven until just after 9 tonight. She was born during the final reveal of Americ@n Id0l between Clay and Reuben. My water broke while I was watching the finals. We got to the hospital a little before midnight, and after five long months of bed rest and a cerclage to keep her in, my little girl didn't want to come out! I ended up having to have an emergency c-section the next evening after 22 hours of labour.

Piper is a beautiful little girl, inside and out! She is a fabulous dancer and artist and student. She loves cats, Barbies, reading, and anything art/craft related. We are having her party in a few weeks. Daddy took in treats and had lunch with her at school today. Tonight we'll eat cake, have the take home pizza she requested and play the new board game we gave her for part of her gift.

Love you, Piper-girl!!!!!








Happy 7th Birthday!



  1. Happy Birthday, Piper!!! Eli will be seven next month and I's all been a blur!!! And in case you're curious, I got Chloe's cake at the Target bakery. :)

  2. Brayden was 7 on Tuesday! Can you believe you, Tara and me were all pregnant at the same time with our first babies?! And likewise Brayden did NOT want to make that journey out! However ... I endured 36+ hours of hard labor (oh yes, the doctor who delivered him is not so mysteriously not there anymore!) Luckily after patosin and exhaustion he did arrive--whew!I did make Brayden a cheese cake ... it should be on next Tuesday's Tasty Tuesday post! SUPER DUPER simple. Probably would have been harder for me to do the Target trip, honest!

    Happy Birthday Piper!
    P.S. Oliver really wants to come home! I will return him soon!!!