Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's my B-day

Long, hot day!!

I'm at my parents house. SO fun to celebrate all together.

I had a craft show in Colonial Williamsburg today. It was very hot, but a lot of tourists were out and about- so a worthwhile event, despite the heat.

We left at 12:30 to set up and just got back to the house after 7:30. Long day!

The girlies insisted on cooking me dinner, so a gourmet meal of pancakes, eggs and bacon was prepared in my honor (with help from Grandpa).

We did the official cake last night since Paul had to drive home tonight for an early work appointment in the morning. The girlies and I will stay the night and go home tomorrow afternoon. They got me a birthday pound cake from my favorite store bakery and a jar of lemon curd on the side. If you like lemon (yum!) try lemon curd with birthday cake. The combination of cake, lemon curd and butter cream frosting is divine!

Time to relax.

I'm quite worn out from the heat, loading and unloading, standing all day.

Or maybe it's because I'm now 37.


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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Glad you had a great day.and a good show!