Friday, July 15, 2011


So why is it that I am working hours every day, cleaning, organizing, sorting- yet when you look around it is almost impossible to tell that there has been progress?


I've done major work in both girls rooms, bathrooms, cabinets and closets, the office and all my hair bow business stuff (a MAJOR undertaking my friend Kirsten came over and graciously helped me with for hours last Friday). I've pitched at least a dozen full garbage bags and I have two large boxes ready for Goodwill and the guest bed is loaded with clothes sorted and ready to be photographed for ebay.

Still, stuff is everywhere and I don't feel relaxed and clam and clutter free like I desired. Guess that's because I had to pull so much out to go through it and sort/store/toss before placing it back in it's home. And a lot is still 'out'.

There has to be an end in sight, right?


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  1. So, what's going on in the adoption world? Its been a year in the program! I wouldlovee to know where y'all are at! And why are you getting rid of clothes? :-)