Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday happenings

Can you see the crack?

My windshield has cracked, and it's growing. I noticed the "L" crack behind the rear view mirror a few days ago. Seems the crack started way up high behind the mirror where I had no way of seeing it while it was still small. Now it's huge. When we went to run errands this afternoon, it was at least 10 inches longer. Ugh. It's called in and they'll let me know when the new glass is in and can be installed. To the tune of $100.

But on to the fun stuff.

We went school supply shopping. Yes, we have until September to worry about back to school stuff, but the girls are excited and it's better for me to do it in small doses. Piper got a post card yesterday from the county center for Gifted Education with a website link to her school supply list. The general ed lists came home with report cards in May. Target had a few things on sale that were on the list, and I wanted to check on beach/pool stuff that was 50% off.

I printed two copies of the lists. One went in my purse and one was taped onto the paper grocery bags that we will store the supplies in. They highlight the items as they go into the bag. Piper also hand wrote her list.

Used items from last year, ready for 2nd grade.

Piper was thrilled that she finally gets a binder, and could pick lime green!

Spent less than $30 total and each girly crossed quite a few things off her list.

Also found a big soft frisbee for $2.50. Most of the other clearance was, well, cleared out. The girls had fun trying the frisbee in the cul de sac. Works great! We'd have stayed out longer, but the mosquitoes are insane.

See their shiny hair clips? I just got the appliques in today in a handful of colors. Thrilled I finally have a new product that they deem "big kid" enough to wear.

I have to have girls who will wear some of my accessories.
After all, I am the "Bow Girl."


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  1. I am so impressed with you - getting on top of those school supplies!! I need to do the same! And I DO love the girlies clips! Too cute, BOWGRL!