Sunday, September 18, 2011

Big week

It's birthday week in our family...BIG time!

Paul's birthday is on Wednesday and then Teagan turns 7 on Thursday. Same day my mom celebrates another b-day!! Paul really wanted Teagan to be born on his birthday, but since I needed an induction and my OB was scheduled for Wed. back in 2004, the 22nd it was! She and my mom love being "birthday buddies."

We do birthday's low key. The girlies and I will actually not get home until 8:30 PM on Paul's big day (our big dance day). He has requested a vanilla cake.

Teagan wants me to make her a layered cake with strawberry/vanilla/strawberry layers and vanilla frosting. She picked Japanese hibachi for her fancy dinner out (love that choice!!). She loves her some steak, and likes the soup and friend rice too. Plus the hibachi part is fun, now that she is no longer afraid of the big flames. We go once a year, usually on my birthday. Found a new place that has steak as a child menu option, it's close by and is on restaurant dot com where I still have a gift certificate from my mom back on Mother's Day. Works out well. I'll be drooling until Thursday night.

Never got around to having a party for Piper back in May. Since they have the same core group of friends, we are doing a combined party for the two of them. We'll be doing some tie dye in the back yard. I have to get on the ball with that.

Guess I have some baking ahead of me this week.

Lots of celebrating ahead!


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  1. Happy Birthday all around!! Birthday cake is my very favorite food (next to blue cheese, I guess!) somi will be popping by for cake! Enjoy the hibachi grill, it sounds amazing!