Friday, September 16, 2011

Long week, but good week.

A week ago at this time I was back on my college campus, walking into an academic building with two other advisers and two national representatives from my sorority to supervise a voting session of formal recruitment. I had just spent the evening back in my sorority house upstairs helping alphabetize hundreds of pieces of paper, while the sisters met five rounds worth of perspective new members downstairs.

I was among a group of area alumni asked to consider going back and helping out. Sounded like fun, so I said yes.

I enjoyed getting to know some of my college aged "sisters" and it was a big throwback to be back in the house where I lived for two years and to see and hear some of the ritual I hadn't thought of in fifteen years.

It was a long Friday. I got back to my parent's home at 3:30 AM.

They asked me to come back for the final round the next night. Not quite as long. It was the final night, so only two rounds. I was able to be in bed by 12:30 Saturday night.

Or that would be Sunday morning, wouldn't it?

Then I had my monthly art show Sunday afternoon. I was tired. And hot. Poor turnout. I did OK. One of the other advisers came by my booth and let me know that our sorority did great and welcomed 29 new members that afternoon. I'll be serving on the advisory board this year. I asked to be "at large" so I don't take on too much responsibility at first. My plate is already quite full.

When the art show was done, my mom and dad helped me pack up and I was able to get on the road home. Pulled in about 9:30 Sunday night.

Monday morning was my first day of teaching this year. I hoped the dark circles under my eyes were not so visible.

I'm thrilled to say that I have an AMAZING group of kids this year (well deserved). I have 8 boys and 8 girls. Such kindhearted little ones. My assistant and I were pinching ourselves all week long. Do we really have such a good bunch??

Wonder what God is telling me and teaching me with my kids this year?

I have a refugee from Africa whose family speaks no English and is supported by a relief agency. She has been her a year and has some English and cracks me up. Such a spunky, tiny thing. I have a Chinese boy who speaks only Chinese at home. And another Chinese boy- one of two adopted sons in his family who just moved to our area. Plus a little girl born with heart issues who will have a second open heart surgery sometime this year. I read her medical info and understood all the acronyms. Funny how following ND heart kids and reading up on heart issues over the past few years will do that!

It was a long week that I started with an empty energy tank. We also had our first night of our two studio dance schedule we'll face this year. 4:45-5:30 at the studio 30 minutes away. Then a quick dinner on the road and arrive at the next studio for class from 6:30-8. At least it's on the way home and only about 15 minutes away. Girls did great. I had Piper's back to school night from 6:30-7:30 so flew from drop off to the school and back in time for pick up. LOVE her teacher. She'll be really challenged in this gifted center this year, but it seems so her style. Really excited for her.

Ready to go to bed and sleep in (Oh, I hope!). I have a lot of bows to sew this weekend (a good thing).

And I hope to sleep a lot too.



  1. WOw - how do you still have the energy to blog!?! So glad that you have lots of bows to do this weekend, but I really think you need a nap!! I love how your experience in researching adoption and special needs has made you knowledgeable - who knew?!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

  2. Where did you go to college? I used to work for a design agency that produced the glossy perspective student materials for colleges across the US--your photos looked kinda familiar to some of my travels. It wasn't in Salem, NC was it?
    You sound SO busy!! But how wonderful that much of it is centered around family and your art love. AND I'm so excited about your class/students this year. Amazing how God weaves the little things in to the details that help us grow in just the right areas. Praying that soon your adoption journey will continue! You've been so patient. oh my!!! (It's hard to be patient when I read things like what Joshua posted on the ND site on Saturday. I pray his family comes for him soon! Children shouldn't have to come to those justifications on their situations. Ug. But I know that God has it all in hand.)
    And yes, I would love to meet up with you someday too by the way! Maybe we'll vacation out that way sometime down the road. You're always welcome to the MidWest. We could gather together TanyaLea from MN, Sara from Ankeny, Hope's prospective parents from SD--and probably many more for a fun time!!! heehee